How to start an online supplement business

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Start a supplement company - FAST!

Starting a supplement company in the UK

Thinking about starting a supplement company? Great idea. The natural health industry is booming and there has never been a better time to get into this market. 

But where do you start?

With all the complexities, hassles and expense around (for example) product formulation, legal compliance, minimum manufacture runs etc, is it even feasible without prior experience, in-depth knowledge and a large initial budget?

Amazingly, the answer is YES - with our help

In fact, it really couldn't be easier. 

We are wholesale supplement suppliers with a difference...

We give our re-sellers everything they need to start their own supplement business FAST, in one easy package - the 'Start a Business PACK'!

  • The products
  • The packaging 
  • The branding
  • The e-commerce website
  • The marketing materials
  • Free order fulfilment

Our Start a Business pack - available exclusively to our registered customers - is easy and affordable and ideal for anyone new to the supplements industry and/or starting a business. We have thought of everything for you! 

Within as a little as a few weeks, you could be selling your very own range of supplements, under your own branding and through your own personalised and ready-to-trade e-commerce website. 

We have done this for thousands of customers just like you, around the world - helping them to realise their dream of owning their own business, being their own boss, starting their own product range and creating a lucrative new source of income with minimal effort and expense.

Our processes have been streamlined over many years, to make it as quick, easy and affordable to start your own supplements business. We guide you through each process step by step. No prior experience necessary. 

All services are provided in-house, by dedicated teams who are expert in the supplements field and knowledgeable about supplements (and our products in particular), for a seamless experience and the lowest setup costs.

The products

Two of the biggest hurdles to starting a supplements business are:

1. Knowing how to formulate and manufacture legally-compliant, quality assured and effective products (including sourcing ingredients and raw materials).

2. The cost of doing so (i.e. minimum manufacture runs, advisor costs, storage costs, shelf life, market research, packaging etc).

As well-established supplement wholesalers, we have taken care of all this for you.

Having been trading for over a quarter of a century, you can rest assured that the products we offer are premium quality, manufactured in the UK under GMP and/or ISO standards in line with all applicable health supplement regulations. They are even backed by science, with EFSA approved health claims. 

We are able to offer our re-sellers a comprehensive range of products to support a variety of health goals and lifestyles - off-the-shelf and ready to get selling immediately to whichever target market you choose.

And, if you have a specific product in mind and did want to "dip your toe" into product formulation, let the experts guide you! We can assist you with custom formulations.

The packaging

The unique business model that we offer exclusively to our re-sellers enables them to initiate a quick start-up business WITHOUT ANY necessary outlay on products or holding stock.

All of our products are pre-potted under quality assured standards immediately following production, so that they are ready for next day shipping (using either our Specialist Supplements branded labels or your own private labels - see below).

We have carefully selected our standard product packaging type to take into account:

  • postal costs - for example, our flat postal pots are far cheaper to ship via Royal Mail as they are considered letters.
  • robustness - we have selected packaging material that is best able to withstand the rigours of transit through the postal system, avoiding damage and therefore refunds.
  • environmental factors - our impact on the environment as a business is certainly a concern for us, which is why we moved our capsule packaging over to our flat pots some years ago. Unlike many other forms of supplement packaging, such as pouches, these pots and lids can be recycled (100%).
  • convenience - our flat pots are easy to stack on shelves, take up less space and can be identified side-on from the spines; they are also easily portable for customers, e.g. in handbags.

The fact that we have sourced appropriate food-safe packaging and integrated it into our manufacturing process, means that you don't have to worry about it. 

However, if alternative / specific packaging is something that you are looking for, we can assist you with this. However, it is worth bearing in mind that this would either involve purchasing from us in bulk and re-potting the products into your preferred packaging yourself, or creating a new run of a product (which would involve minimum orders). 

Your branding - private label supplements

If you are looking to sell supplements under your own branding (and why not!), you won't find a supplements supplier that is better placed to help you achieve this. 

We specialise in private label supplements for trade and have done so for over 25 years, which makes us the experts. And we don't say this lightly - check out our customer reviews. They give us a 5 star rating.

As mentioned above, we have a dedicated in-house team that will design and create product labels for you, personalised with your company logo, colour scheme, unique product names and contact details. Alternatively, you can supply your own artwork. 

Either way, the process is affordable (a small one-off set up fee that covers our entire range of products), quick and easy. And you only have to deal with us - no outsourcing to multiple suppliers or costly designers.

You could have your very own branded line of health supplements in just a few days!

Your own branding = greater pricing flexibility, higher profit margins and more repeat orders. :)

Click here to find out more. 

Your own personalised ready-to-trade e-commerce website

Of course, you are going to need a platform through which to sell your products for your new supplements business venture. 

Today, more than ever, a website is a must-have. Not only to reach the largest potential customer base with the least effort and expense, but also to future-proof your income. Online retail will never be adversely affected by pandemics and lockdowns.

An e-commerce website is one of the easiest ways to run a health supplements business. It doesn't require staff, storage space or stock. You make sales, you send us the orders and we can dispatch them for you - see our supplements dropship service below (our no-fee order fulfilment solution).

Building and designing a website yourself, or with the help of a third party web designer, can be time-consuming and costly. 

We have solved this problem for our re-sellers by offering them quick, easy, affordable and ready-to-trade e-commerce supplement websites that come pre-loaded with product images and descriptions. Let us create your online store, with everything you need to get selling quickly and easily. 

Who better to build you site than the people who make your products?! We are best placed to know what works and what increases conversions and sales. 

Be ready to get selling in a very short time on a user-friendly WordPress website. Following website build and handover, you will have complete control over and management of your site. You can even add other products, from third parties, to it if you wish.

Branded marketing materials

As part of the Start a Business PACK, we can even provide you with a company logo design (if you don't already have one), as well as branded marketing materials (like a poster, business card and letterhead design). We've got you covered for all your supplement business needs! 

We also have a range of pre-designed product posters that you can personalise with your details at a very small cost.

Whether you are looking to promote your new range and business on social media, your website, by email campaign or in person, we have the marketing materials for you, at a price you can afford.

No-fee order fulfilment - supplements dropship service

For many entrepreneurs starting a new supplements business, health practitioners diversifying and retailers adding to their existing offering, the prospect of order fulfilment can be daunting. Who has the time, staff and resources available to handle stock inventory, picking, packing and posting.

This is a time-consuming and often complex process. It also takes time away from core income-generating activities. 

As part of our unique business model, we offer all re-sellers the option to use our free supplements dropshipping service

At no extra charge, we will dispatch your orders directly to your customers and they will think they have come straight from you. 

All you do is take the retail sum from your customer and then place the corresponding order with us, by logging into your account and purchasing the relevant products at our trade price. Your profit is the difference (after postage).

This fast, efficient and invaluable time-saving service not only means that you don't have to worry about the fulfilment process; it is also great for cashflow, as you are only purchasing products from us after you have made your own sales. 

All packaging is discreet, with no reference of Specialist Supplements Ltd on any paperwork. You can even choose to personalise your delivery notes with your logo and customer messages, for a small extra fee.

Click here to find out about this incredible service. We do not charge any admin fee for dropshipping and there are no minimum orders - we can dropship as few as one product at a time for you. All you pay is the postage, as if you were sending the item yourself. 

So there you have it - an incredible way to start your own supplements business in just a few affordable and easy steps. All from one supplier - who just happens to be an expert in the industry. We look forward to helping you start your business. 

Create a trade account NOW to get started.