How do I start a private label supplement business?

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Private label supplements

What are private label supplements?

"Private label" is simply a term used to describe your own branding on someone else's products.

Specialist Supplements Ltd is a supplements wholesaler that specialises in the manufacture of food supplements, health foods, herbal formulas and vitamins that can be re-branded by our resellers - your labels on our supplements.

We have a comprehensive range of natural "off-the-shelf" products to choose from (including Soil Association organic, kosher, vegetarian, vegan and "free from" options), or we can help you with a bespoke formula.

Whatever your target market, we can help you to get your own range of branded supplements up and running quickly, easily and at a price you can afford.

We have no minimum orders!

How do I start my own range of private label supplements?

We are experts in the field and have a dedicated in-house Private Label team, as well as a straight-forward set-up process that has been streamlined over the years. We will guide you step by step!

With our help, it is so easy to set up your private label supplements. Here's how it works:

Decide which products you want to sell (you can sell a few or all, it's entirely up to you).

Purchase one of our private label packages (you will need to be a registered customer).

Pick one of label designs or supply your own artwork.

Complete our questionnaire, so that we can personalise your labels (e.g. with your logo, product names, colour scheme, contact details etc).

We set up your labels and you can start marketing your private label supplements and making sales, within a matter of days.

That's it! Quick and easy.

How much will it cost?

For a small one-off fee (prices available when you create a trade account), we can set up, design and print your personalised labels for our supplements.

Label printing is FREE for life, for all product orders placed with us. We will even dropship private label orders at no extra cost (i.e. send your orders out directly to your customers for you). Click here to find out more about our free order fulfilment.

Quickly and easily set up your own range by reselling our quality-assured, UK-made market-ready supplements under your own labels and at minimal, if any, risk to yourself. We have no minimum orders.

We have specifically designed our private label bundles with new start-ups in mind, to help make it as affordable as possible to start your own range.

Do I need a licence of any qualifications?

No, anyone can re-sell our products. We sell foods and food supplements (rather than medicinal products or drugs), manufactured under GMP and/or ISO standards.

We supply a wide range of trade customers and natural health professionals across the world, of a range of sizes and from a variety of backgrounds. These include colonic hydrotherapists, naturopaths, herbalists, homeopaths, personal trainers, detox centres, digestive health experts, nutritionists, along with entrepreneurs, small home businesses, online retailers and independent health stores.

Our business model is ideal for anyone looking to start their own business with minimal financial outlay and risk and/or boost their monthly income.

We are one of the longest running private label supplements suppliers in the UK, trading for over 25 years, so you are safe in our hands. You can rest assured that the supplements you are re-branding as your own are quality assured and legally compliant.

If you are new to the industry, we have comprehensive trade resources (including fact sheets), which tell you everything you need to know about our products. We also have a highly responsive team that can answer any questions you may receive from your own clients.

Why do people opt for private label?

Selling your own brand of supplements adds prestige to your company, gives you pricing and marketing flexibility and helps you to stand out from your competitors.

Choosing to simply re-brand an existing range of products (rather than manufacturing your own products from scratch) is also a far easier and more affordable process.

It avoids the need to:

  • come up with formulas (a process that requires in-depth expertise and legal compliance checks)
  • source ingredients
  • concern yourself with the manufacturing process (including minimum manufacture runs, which can be very costly)
  • source packaging.

In other words, you avoid all the logistical hassles and expense of bringing a brand new product to market. We have done all that for you.

All you have to do to start your very own range of products is add your labels to our existing products, which have been compliance checked, quality assured and are ready to get selling immediately.

How do I get started?

It’s easy! All you need to do is create a trade account and purchase one of our Own Label packages.

We will then send you a questionnaire, which will include all the information we require from you to get started.