Private label supplements dropship UK

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Private label supplements dropshipping UK

What are private label supplements?

"Private label supplements" are basically health supplements, vitamins, minerals, health foods etc that:

1. Have been manufactured by one company (the wholesaler - in our case Specialist Supplements Ltd) and are sold unbranded at wholesale prices to another company (the retailer - i.e. you); and

2. The products are then marketed and sold on by the retailer to their own customers, under their own personalised branding / labels.

The retailer's profit margin is the difference between the wholesale price paid by them and the retail price paid by their customer, minus any related expenses (such as postage etc).

In terms of labelling, the retailer has two options:

Option 1 - White labelled products: This means the wholesaler sends out unlabelled products to the retailer, ready for the retailer to label themselves. It is referred to as "white label" because the product containers are blank. The retailer may have sourced their own branded labels from a third party, such as a graphic designer.

Option 2 - Pre-labelled products: This means that the wholesaler sends products out to the retailer (or direct to the retailer's customers - see Dropshipping below), that are already labelled with the retailer's personalised / branded labels.

About our private label supplements service

At Specialist Supplements Ltd, we can offer re-sellers both Options 1 and 2. However, Option 2 tends to be the favourite, as it reduces their workloads to a minimum and essentially by-passes all of the hassles associated with product labelling. We take care of that for you.

What's more, because we have an in-house design team, you don't have to pay a graphic designer to design your labels for you if don't want to or don't have the budget to do so. We can offer you a fast and affordable means of setting up your own branded range of products.

Our Private Label service (also referred to as "Own Label"), provides maximum flexibility for trade customers of all sizes and backgrounds. Setup involves an affordable one-off fee and there are no minimum orders. You can set up as few as one product under your own private label, or re-brand our whole range either at the outset or over time. It is entirely up to you.

The setup process is so simple, streamlined over 25 years. Your dedicated Own Label team member will guide you through the process step by step. This is how it works:

Step 1: Decide if you are going let us design your labels or you are going to supply your own artwork for a completely bespoke look.

If we are going to be doing the design for you, you can pick a design from our gallery, which we will then personalise for you. If you are going to supply your own artwork, we will ask you to supply samples (we make all label templates available, including required dimensions etc).

Step 2: Complete and submit the Own Label Questionnaire, which is sent to you following purchase.

Here you will be able to upload your logo, specify a colour scheme, upload your unique product names etc. We can then open your Own Label file.

Step 3: We prepare a design proof for you or liaise with you to finalise your own artwork.

We use the information / artwork you have supplied to set up your labels within as short a period as just a few days.

That's it!

What is dropshipping?

Dropshipping is the process of getting wholesale goods shipped out directly from your wholesaler / manufacturer, to your retail customer on your behalf (the seller).

This shortcut thereby completely eliminates the fulfilment process for you, as the retailer.

You market and sell the goods (in this case, supplements). Once the sales come in, you transfer the orders to us (your wholesaler) and we ship them for you.

This saves re-sellers a huge amount of time and money, particularly as:

  • there is no advance outlay on stock
  • you do not need to hire storage space or fulfilment staff
  • you do not need to keep inventory
  • you do not need to purchase packing materials
  • you do not need to worry about picking, labelling, packing or posting products, or any of the other logistical hassles that come along with order fulfilment.

We do all of that for you and, best of all, we do not charge a fee to do it - even if you have your own private labels!

All you pay is a small postage fee (as if you were posting the items yourself), and this will depend on destination, order weight, shipping method etc.

There are no minimum orders and no added fees for applying private labels to dropshipped orders (if applicable). You can dropship as few as one product unit at a time.

Dropshipping supplements is therefore a highly cost-effective and simple solution for new resellers looking to enter the health supplements market, or existing retailers who would rather outsource fulfilment to focus on core income-generating activities.

About our no-fee dropship supplements service

In summary, if you will be using our dropshipping service, it works like this:

STEP 1: Your customer places an order with you and pays you the retail price you set (which is likely to be higher if you sell under private label).

STEP 2: You place the corresponding order with us, through your trade account. You give us the customer's address and other details at checkout.

STEP 3: We send the order out to your customer (either with our label or your own private label applied - see above). You even have the option to include personalised delivery notes / order messages, for a small fee.

Unlike many other wholesale supplements suppliers, who outsource their dropshipping to costly external fulfilment houses, we have a dedicated in-house dropshipping service.

The main benefits of an internal team are:

1. We do not have to charge our re-sellers an administration fee for handling their order fulfilment or storing their stock; and

2. We have a very low error rate, because we only handle our own products and our own re-sellers' private labels (if applicable).

Accurate packing and labelling are not only essential in terms of preserving your business' good reputation, they are also essential for health and safety reasons.

In our experience, fulfilment houses (who tend to handle goods from a variety of sectors) can be prone to mistakes - with mislabelled items and incorrect product inclusions a common phenomena. So not only does it cost more, but it can jeopardise your customer experience and lose you re-orders / cost you in terms of refunds for errors.

As we obviously know our own products extremely well, and we do not handle products from other companies, we have an extremely high accuracy rate. Our streamlined and quality assured processes mean that dropship orders are checked at multiple points prior to dispatch.

Our dropshipping service is fast, efficient and reliable, with orders being dispatched within 1 - 2 working days of the order being placed with us (or earlier if at all possible).

Your reputation is safe with us and you can have peace of mind knowing that your order fulfilment has been taken care of, leaving you free to concentrate on more important aspects of your work.

About our wholesale supplements range

We specialise in off-the-shelf multiple-ingredient encapsulated and powder formulations (including "free-from", Soil Association organic, halal, vegan and vegetarian), herbal formulas, plant-based protein powders and health foods.

For an overview of our range, click here.

We have no minimum orders on our market-ready lines.

We are also able to assist with custom supplement formulations.

To find out more, or to get started with your own private labelled range of products, create a trade account here.