How to sell supplements on Amazon - the basics

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Most re-sellers of our wholesale supplements choose to sell either online via their business website, or directly to their customers from a shop or clinic (or both). Whilst these are certainly effective primary methods, there are a number of other potential online avenues to help boost sales and these should not be ignored as possible means of increasing your monthly income.

Selling supplements online

Offering your own label supplements for sale on the internet is a great way to:

  • increase sales
  • build your brand
  • attract a wider audience of customers
  • build a loyal customer following
  • and encourage people to spread the word about your products,

- that’s a given. However, there is more than just one way to do it!

In addition to having your own dedicated health supplements website, why not also consider selling through online market stores, such as Amazon - the largest e-commerce platform in the world! An additional revenue stream such as this can offer some unique benefits to your business and can help you to earn extra income.

Selling supplements on Amazon

One of the main advantages to any business (and particularly business start-ups) of selling supplements on Amazon, is the huge customer potential.

As any new website owner will know, generating a healthy level of traffic to your site (and converting that traffic into sales) is not something that happens overnight. It can often take months for a new site to gain authority in the eyes of search engines, following much effort in terms of SEO, marketing, backlinks and the regular addition of unique web page content.

This initial period can be a very difficult time for new businesses in terms of cash flow - this is where Amazon comes in. By selling on their established and trusted website, you benefit from the prestige of their name, their high listings in search results, their huge existing customer base, their high levels of traffic and, therefore, exposure.

If you are new to Amazon, it can be a little daunting to start selling through such a huge operation. The setup process is relatively complex and, following the posting of their listings, people often complain that nobody contacts them and they don't make many sales. So where are they going wrong?

Here are some pointers on how to avoid that situation, get your sales up and make the most of this extra income opportunity!

Make sure you use the available resources!

Even with Amazon’s user-friendly tools, uploading a large catalogue to sell can be challenging and can take up valuable time.

Learning the system, understanding the requirements, and uploading your inventory are time-consuming - so make sure you get it right the first time. As with anything, in order to do well at something you need to first fully understand how it works.

Amazon has very specific policies and rules for everything from shipping rates to product descriptions and pricing - particularly for health products. Even if you have previous experience with e-commerce, make sure that you spend some time familiarising yourself with their processes and reading their Help section. This way, you will not only minimise the chance of going wrong, you will also fully exploit their service offering.

Build your brand

When Amazon display product listings, they show all the sellers who sell that particular product so that customers can choose. In other words, they do nothing to push your particular brand. It is therefore up to you to make sure you stand out!

There are many ways to give your supplements an extra 'push', including:

  • Your labels / packaging: make sure that your private label supplements stand out with eye-catching colours, images and branding.
  • Backlinks: you could create a blog, where you write about your supplements and link back to your Amazon account, or insert Amazon’s “Buy Now” button at the end.
  • Promotion: you can also promote your supplements via Facebook, Twitter or an email newsletter list. Just be careful not to appear spammy! Pinterest is also a great social media platform for promoting your Amazon supplements, because of the opportunity to use high quality photos and other visuals.
  • Highlighting bestsellers: Buyers can often be swayed by something as simple as highlighting a product as a 'bestseller'. So, if some of your products have been enjoying a particularly high level of popularity, feature them as bestsellers on Amazon’s page dedicated to this purpose.
  • Reaching out to your clients and potential clients, with great customer service: for instance, respond to all requests within 24 hours and answer all comments in the review section promptly. If a complaint has been resolved, you might want to politely ask the buyer to remove any negative feedback.
  • Keeping an eye on ratings: make sure to regularly keep an eye on your ratings in the “Reports” section, ideally maintaining a percentage of 99% positive or above. Anything lower than that could jeopardise your business’ success.

Sell on Amazon with Jumpstart

If you are really serious about selling through Amazon as a major income stream (and have a minimum of 100 listings), you may want to consider using their Jumpstart service.

It is a paid-for service, so may not be for everybody, but it is handy for those who just don't have the time or inclination to figure out the setup process on their own. Their team of listing professionals can help you to prepare high-quality, high-impact listings for your Amazon inventory, ensuring that they follow their best practice guidelines.

The idea is that, by offering a high quality listing to your Amazon buyers, you will improve your chances of catching their attention.

Amazon global selling

Why limit your potential customer base to the UK? Amazon's Global Selling service (a paid-for option) makes it a lot easier to sell your products across Europe.

Keep on top of stock levels

The same rules apply to those of a physical shop - make sure to keep on top of inventory and stock levels.

Anyone can run out of stock, but customers will find it irritating if they place an order, only to then be notified that the product is unavailable.

It is an easy mistake to make with a hectic schedule and a number of sales platforms, but it can be avoided by checking your inventory every day and updating your listings accordingly.

Great products and personalised branding = sales success on Amazon!

Register as a trade customer for FREE today to become a re-seller of our high quality, unique wholesale supplements. Then take advantage of our value-for-money Own Label service, to set-up your own range of branded products.

Within a matter of days you could be ready to earn extra income by selling stand-out products through your website or shop, as well as through successful e-commerce platforms like Amazon!

We look forward to working with you, and don't forget to connect to us on LinkedIn and for regular trade updates.

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