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Own label supplements

Re-sell our wholesale supplements under your own branding

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Stand out from your competitors, add prestige to your company and build your own professional brand by re-selling our products under your own label. For a small one-off fee, we will set up, design and print all of your personalised labels for placed orders. We will even dropship Own Label orders at no extra cost!

Alternatively, you can re-sell our products under Specialist Supplements' branding.

  • Small one-off fee
  • No minimum order!
  • No contracts
  • Amazing value
  • Set your own re-sale prices
  • Available for dropship orders​


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How it works

We guide you through the process, step-by-step - it’s simple!
If you have an approved trade account, you will need to log in and read the Own Label FAQs for full details.

How Own Label works

TOP TIP: Check out our Own Label FAQs, once logged in - they contain important information for all Own Label customers!


How will my labels look?

You get to pick from a number of template designs. We then personalise your chosen design with your logo, colour scheme, product names and contact details. Alternatively, you can provide us with your own artwork, in the required dimensions.

How the label looks

Pot images

If you need images of your Own Label products for your website, advertising materials etc, we can also generate these for you! See the example on the right...

Save on costly photographer fees!

Check out the Own Label Bundle for more information.

Example pot image


Own Label benefits

Still not convinced that Own Label is for you? Here are a few more reasons you should give it a try!

Your own unique brand

Being able to present customers with your own range of products not only inspires confidence in your business, products and services; it also helps to build brand recognition in the marketplace, so that your products can be differentiated more easily from those of your competitors.

What's more, having control over product names and the general look of your labels means that you can target specific markets and align the branding to your existing or desired customer base and industry.

Customer loyalty and increased sales

Your own labels promote stronger customer recognition and loyalty, an essential step in establishing, building and maintaining your hard-earned customer base. Personalised labels, with your own contact details (including web address etc) and unique product names leads to a higher level of repeat business.

Bigger profit margins

By carrying unique product labels, you don't have to worry about customers making same-brand price comparisons and can therefore set your own re-sale prices. This freedom often equals higher profit margins.

Ideal for small businesses and start-ups

Small companies and business start-ups often lack the resources required to formulate, manufacture and/or package the products they want to sell. Such costs can be prohibitive, and yet they want to enter the market as a unique business.

Own Label is the perfect solution, when accompanied by a no minimum order policy and a small, one-off set-up fee such as ours! We will even dropship your own label orders direct to your customers at no extra charge - just a small postage fee.

Labels in any language

We offer you the option to provide your own label artwork, featuring the language of your choice. Further information is available on the Own Label FAQs page once you are logged in to your account.


How to get started

It’s easy! All you need to do is log in to your trade account, purchase one of our Own Label packages and read our FAQs. We will then send you a questionnaire, which will include all the information we require from you to get started. That’s it!

Any questions? If you have any questions about our Own Label service, which aren’t answered on this page or in our FAQs, please contact us here.

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