Wholesale Supplements and Private Label Dropshipping

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Wholesale supplements private label dropshipper

Looking for an income opportunity?

You may be a small business owner, looking for ways to expand, diversify and increase your profits. If so, a great way to do this is to purchase wholesale supplements for re-sale.

If you pick the right wholesaler - an established and reliable company like Specialist Supplements Ltd - you could be ready to get selling high-quality, market-ready products with excellent profit margins immediately, or at least within a few days.

And the benefit of selling food-based health supplements is that no prior experience is required. 

Direct dispatch - the dropship option

Worried about order fulfilment? Once the orders start rolling in, can you handle the logistics of getting them out?

Don't worry! We can ship our products directly to your customers at no extra cost and they will think they have been dispatched by you.

We offer an in-house dropshipping service, which means:

  1. You don't have to buy products in bulk or in advance - great for cash flow!
  2. You don't have to worry about storage space or shelf life - you order our products on-demand.
  3. You don't have to worry about the hassles or logistics of order fulfilment or shipping.

We do all this for you, free of charge. All you pay for is the postage, as if you were posting the items yourself. Plus, we have no minimum orders!

Things to consider...

The manufacturer / wholesaler is responsible for fulfilling orders on demand, including picking, labelling, packing and posting.

As a retailer, you (should) only have to worry about making sales and then paying the trade price for the products ordered by your customers. Your dropship partner then takes care of all the remaining steps. 

When selecting them, it's important to check shipping rates, profit margins and the company's experience in this field.

Established in the industry and having been trading for a quarter of a century, we are able to offer our customers this additional tailored no-fee service. But many other supplement wholesalers / dropshippers out there, enforce a minimum orders policy as well as pricey dropshipping fees. It is also important to check their turnaround times and error rates. 

The success of your business relies on the quality of the products and the ease of the order fulfilment process, as these are major factors in securing repeat orders. Choosing a reputable supplier, with a good track record, is therefore crucial.

Our unique business model enables our customers to initiate a quick start-up business without any outlay on products or holding stock. 

As all our products are potted under quality-assured standards following production and are ready for next day shipping, we can offer dropship customers a turnaround time of 1 - 2 business days. Orders could even go out the same day, depending on the time the order is placed.

We have a dedicated in-house fulfilment team, who work solely with our products and clients' labels. This means that errors are extremely rare.

These factors give our dropship customers peace of mind that their hard-earned customer loyalty and business reputation is safe in our hands.

Private label supplements

Private label supplement manufacturing is the most popular option for entrepreneurs.

It basically involves applying your own branding (personalised product labels) to the "white label" unbranded pots of your wholesale supplements supplier. 

The products come ready-made and pre-manufactured - you just add your label and you're ready to get selling. 

This is such a popular option because it naturally lends itself to a speedy business setup, with minimal (or even no) financial outlay. 

The product formulation and manufacturing process has already been taken care of, including the associated expenses (e.g. in terms of minimum runs, compliance checks etc). 

It promotes re-orders, as your range is unique to you and can't be found elsewhere. You also have greater pricing flexibility, as no direct price comparisons can be made with other same-brand products.

Again, we have a dedicated in-house "Own Label" service. If you don't want to spend £100s or £1000s on graphic designers, you can simply purchase one of our affordable Own Label packages and we can take care of the label design for you. And for a very reasonable, one-off fee. 

You could have your very own range of branded health supplements, ready to get selling, in just a matter of days.

Private label dropshipping - a winning combination

In our opinion, the best way to sell supplements is to dropship them under your own label.

Your only job is to make sales and collect the retail price, and then pass the order on to us to fulfil. 

If you're not sure if private labeling is right for you, check out our reviews. Plus, you can create a trade account with us for free and without commitment. Take a look around the private members-only sections of our website, review the information and available resources and we are sure you will be convinced.

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