Supplement supplies for aesthetic clinics

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Aesthetic clinic supplement supplies

Supplements to complement your services

First, a little about us...

We have been supplying aesthetic clinics and health spas, as well as a wide range of other natural health practitioners and trade customers across the globe, with high quality natural supplements, health foods, vitamins and minerals since 1995.

We have established ourselves as a premier wholesale supplements supplier, because our products are manufactured in the UK under GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) and ISO 9001 standards, and our trade prices are unbeatable on comprehensive formulations.

We pride ourselves on the specialist nature of our products, formulated by our in-house nutritionists, which will keep customers coming back to you for more because comparable products can't be easily sourced on the high-street. Our products are "specialist" in the sense that we offer unique ingredient combinations and blends, as well as ranges that are suitable for the various lifestyles of the modern age, i.e. vegetarian, vegan, organic, kosher, dairy-free, gluten-free, yeast-free, sugar-free, additive-free and generally free from added 'nasties'.

We carefully select both our suppliers and product ingredients, to ensure that our supplements, health foods, vitamins and minerals are from the highest quality sources.

Our aesthetic clinic supplies

We have a comprehensive range of food-based and herbal products, which are nutrient-dense and ideal for use in combination with the treatments and services provided by aesthetic clinics.

Particularly popular with our aesthetic clinic resellers are our range of antioxidants, cleanse & detox supplements, colon cleansers, digestive aids, probiotics, superfoods, nutrients fortified meal shakes, protein powders and dairy-free / gluten-free ranges. We also stock a range of organic registered health foods and supplements.

Products can be purchased in bulk, or on an individual basis. We can also dispatch direct (dropship) to your clients, including under your own label (see further below). We have no minimum orders or cross-range restrictions.

For full product information and prices, please register - it’s free, quick and easy and without obligation.

Boost your clinic income

By simply recommending and selling supplements that complement your clinic's existing services, you can help your customers to achieve their health goals more quickly, while providing yourself with a lucrative new revenue stream. Tap into your existing customer base to increase your monthly income!

The supplements industry is booming and we can offer you good profit margins on re-sale (prices and discount structure available when you register).

Create your own branded range of products

Why not take advantage of our quick, easy and reasonably-priced private label service to set up your very own personalised labels for the resale of our products?

While you have the option to resell our products under our Specialist Supplements Ltd branding, the vast majority of our resellers wish to sell under their own branding for a variety of reasons. For example:

  • it essentially allows them to have their very own range of products, unique to their business
  • it adds prestige to their services because they are able to offer products to customers that feature their own branding, including their company logo, colours, unique product names and contact details
  • it protects customer loyalty - as only their contact details feature on the labels, their customers have to return to them for repeat purchases
  • it allows the seller to set the retail price at a level they choose, as no direct same-brand product comparisons can be made - bigger profit margins!

Private label set up is a quick and easy process - you could have your own range of products, ready for resale in your clinic, in just a matter of days. And all for a small, one-off fee.

Proudly display your branded product range in your waiting area or treatment rooms.

Click to find out more about our private label service.

Private label clinic supplies

Become a reseller

To start reselling our supplements in your aesthetic clinic, all you need to do is create a trade account. It is FREE, quick and easy and there are no hidden fees or obligations - you have complete flexibility to buy as few or as many products as you wish.

Account approval normally takes 24 hours. Once approved, you will have access to the private areas of this site, including full product specifications and trade prices. We also supply our registered trade customers with a number of free resources to help boost sales (including marketing materials).

We look forward to working with you, and don't forget to connect to us on LinkedIn and for regular trade updates.

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