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Private label supplements UK - no MOQs

​Build your own supplements brand - FAST

We are one of the longest established private label supplement suppliers in the UK. Trading for almost three decades, we are industry leaders and experts in this area with almost 20,000 customers worlwide. 

We have streamlined processes, specialist UK-based teams and a comprehensive range of off-the-shelf products, which together make it possible for re-sellers of our wholesale supplements to set up their own supplements brand quickly and easily (in as little as a few days). 

Let our dedicated in-house teams guide you step-by-step to getting your own personalised labels set up for our supplements, thereby creating your own unique range. It couldn't be easier or more affordable with our expert help.

Can anyone sell supplements online?

The simple answer is "yes". You do not need any previous experience, qualifications or licences to sell supplements online. 

We have taken care of almost all regulatory aspects for our customers (in terms of product formulation, quality assurance, legal compliance, labelling laws etc).

We are registered as a Food Business Establishment with Powys County Council and Trading Standards.

We even provide our re-sellers with a host of handy trade resources to help sell our supplements, including detailed trade fact sheets, template retail descriptive wording, approved health claims and free marketing materials. 

All you need to do if you intend to sell food supplements is register as a Food Business Operator (FBO) with your local authority. This is usually a quick and easy process, registration is free and can't be refused. 

Quality assured off-the-shelf products

One of the biggest obstacles for market entrants to starting a supplements business or product range is the prohibitive costs involved in minimum manufacture runs. A short run of just one encapsulated supplement would be between 50,000 to 60,000 capsules. A customised powder run minimum would be at least 150kg per formula. The time and cost associated with these minimums can be a huge barrier to entering the marketplace if you are new to the industry andor have limited cash flow, not to mention the expertise and industry knowledge that is required to formulate a product and ensure it is legally compliant. 

This is why we offer a comprehensive range of off-the-shelf products, ready to get selling immediately - products that support a variety of health goals and lifestyles and are therefore appropriate for virtually any target market. 

We take care of all the complexities and expense associated with bringing a finished product to market, as well as the risk in terms of shelf life and demand - and you have none of the hassle. Plus we offer the benefit of NO MINIMUM ORDERS - virtually unheard of in the industry. You simply pick and choose which of our products you wish to re-sell, either under our Specialist Supplements Ltd branding or under your own private labels and in any quantities - ours is a truly on demand service. 

Our supplements are "clean" and manufactured in in the UK under quality assured GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) and/or ISO standards. Our organic range is Soil Association certified. We are able to supply GFSI / HACCP certification for retailers selling on the Amazon (or similiar) platforms. 

And if you did want / need a bespoke supplement formula and had the budget to pursue this in terms of formulation costs and minimum manufacture runs, our Custom Formulation Team would be happy to assist you with this.

Full service support - all based in the UK

Unlike many of our competitors who outsource private label design work and other support services, leading to very long lead times / response times and poorer quality output, all of our product and service teams are based in the UK and operate in-house. We are a full service company that can handle all aspects of your supplement business needs, with a high level of expertise...

Product formulation and legal compliance - taken care of 

As already outlined above, our primary business and priority is the supply of premium quality, UK-made, specialist supplements at great wholesale prices (offering excellent margins on re-sale). We combine the best that Nature has to offer in cutting-edge products that respond to ever-changing consumer demand. Whether you choose to sell "off-the-shelf" or opt for a bespoke formulation, we have you covered. Find out more about our range...

Packaging and branding - taken care of

Whether you have existing branding that you would like to match and expand, or are just starting out, our in-house "Own Label" team can handle your product label design. For a small, one-off fee, you can set up your own personalised labels for all products you wish to re-sell, ensuring brand continuity and identity. You have the option to either supply your own artwork (for a completely bespoke look) or opt for one of our attractive template designs. In the latter case, we can personalise these for you, using your business logo, unique product names and contact details. Having your own brand of products, featuring your information, protects your customer loyalty and promotes a higher rate of re-orders for you. It also offers much greater pricing flexibility, for higher profit margins. Find out more about the private label option...

In terms of product packaging, we have carefully selected pots that satisfy and balance a number of complex requirements, including:

  • impact on the environment (unlike many other forms of supplement packaging, such as pouches, these pots and lids are 100% recyclable
  • hardiness (i.e. propensity to withstand damage during transit - for instance, cardboard boxes can get squashed and glass can smash increasing the rate of returns)
  • the need for sufficient space on the label to include all legally required information - this often dictates minimum packaging size
  • and postal costs (which, if higher, would inevitably be passed onto the consumer). Our letterbox-friendlyflat pots cost far less to post out. 

Of course, if alternative packaging is required, this is certainly possible. However, it would then involve minimum order runs, as our products are manufactured and potted during long runs under GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) standards at the factory ready for immediate dispatch for dropship customers, under their own label. 

Sales platforms - taken care of

Many of our re-sellers are established retailers with likewise established sales channels / platforms. However, if you are new to the industry and need help with this aspect we can:

  • build you a personalised ready-to-trade e-commerce website, pre-loaded with images and descriptions of your products (whether selling under our branding or your own)
  • advise and support you, if choosing to re-sell on the Amazon (or similar) platform
  • supply you with marketing materials to promote your range on social media channels. 

Find out more about our website builds, as well as our ordering processing options...

Order fulfilment - taken care of

If you don't want the hassles associated with order fulfilment and/or don't have the cash flow and resources that are associated with bulk ordering, stock storage, inventory management, picking, labelling, packing and posting, we can handle all this for you. We offer a unique no-fee order fulfilment solution (dropshipping) to re-sellers of our products. This "on-demand" service means that you only need to place orders with us when you make your own sales and are paid for them - maintaining excellent cash flow for you. No advance stock purchases required and none of the risk on product shelf life. We can dispatch the products direct from our warehouse to your customers and they will think they have come straight from you. The dropship paperwork will include your logo and product names and you can even include personalised order notes for a small extra fee if you wish, i.e. coupon codes etc.

Our fast, efficient and reliable dropship service is provided in-house for maximum speed and efficiency. Private label order fulfilment is a highly complex process, which if outsourced to fulfilment houses (as is done by many of our competitors) can be very costly and is also prone to lead to labelling and shipping errors. 

There are no minimum orders to use our dropshipping service and we do not charge any admin fees. All you pay is the cost of the postage, as if you were dispatching the items yourself (except with none of the time consumption or hassle). This leaves you free to concentrate on core income-generating activities. 

Find out more about our no-fee supplements dropshipping service...

Complete flexibility and NO minimum orders

Our unique business model enables you to initiate a quick start-up business or range expansion without any outlay on products or holding stock. 

We aim to give our re-sellers complete flexibility both in terms of initial financial outlay and scaling up

We can cater to sole traders and small start-ups, to large online and international retailers. Our no minimum orders policy makes us accessible to everybody, but we also offer generous scaled discounts for the biggest bulk orderers. 

Let us help you to either start or expand your range of private label supplements - be guided by trusted industry leaders who are experts in their field. 

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