Custom supplement manufacturer

Customised supplement formulas

Create your own supplement formula and sell under your own personalised branding

We can advise on product formulation, manufacture the finished product and even handle your label design.


We constantly improve and expand our range of wholesale food supplements, organic health foods and herbal formulations in line with latest consumer demand, nutritional findings and legislation. This ensures that the off-the-shelf white label products you purchase from us are always at the cutting-edge of the natural health industry.

However, on occasion, some trade customers require specific ingredient combinations. For example, in order to target a specific market or service an already established customer base.

In this case, we can help you to develop your own unique supplement formulas

Private label product formulation

If you have a specific product formulation in mind, you will need to supply us with a detailed specification. We can also make suggestions to help you improve and complete the formula. We will then provide you with a quote to have it manufactured.

Please note: Developing custom powder formulations can be a long and relatively costly process, due to a number of factors (including perfecting the taste, mixability etc). It is far easier to encapsulate formulas.

For business start-ups, we recommend that you sell our off-the-shelf capsules and powders under your own personalised labels and branding, as they have many years of research behind them, taste great, mix well and produce the desired results. This is the quickest and easiest way to get selling and avoids minimum orders.

We stock almost 50 off-the-shelf products, ready to re-brand and ship next day. This means that there are no MOQs (minimum order quantities) when you purchase. This is therefore the best option when starting out, as there is no money for you to lay out on product formulation / bringing the products to market, and no stock to hold.

However, if you wish to create your own bespoke supplement(s) or powder formula(s), prepare the information we require (see below) and then contact us for a quote.

Due to long-standing relationships with raw material suppliers, we are in a unique position to offer our trade customers short runs of between 50,000 to 60,000 capsules per customised supplement formulation (depending on the the ingredients used, number of ingredients etc). This equates to:

- 1000 pots at 30 capsules per pot
- 500 pots at 60 capsules per pot
- 333 pots at 90 capsules per pot
- 300 pots at 100 capsules per pot


Customised powder formula runs are a minimum of approximately 150kg per recipe. This equates to:

- 500 pots at 300g powder per pot etc.

Turnaround / lead time for finished private label product delivery

The time between placing an order and receiving delivery is normally between 8 - 12 weeks, once your unique white label supplement formulation has been agreed upon and approved. This lead time is obviously only an estimate, depending on the availability of raw materials and other factors.

All of our products are made in the UK under GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) standards - a quality assurance guarantee. We can also make products without magnesium stearate. Other natural alternatives can be used to substitute this flow agent excipient. 

The information we need from you to prepare a quote

If you have a specific formula in mind for encapsulation, we will require a detailed specification in order to prepare a quote. This means we need the following information from you:

- Your full contact details
- The full formula recipe
(for example: per 1 capsule - 25mg vitamin C, 150mcg chromium picolinate, 10mg vitamin B6 etc...)
- Number of capsules per pot.

The same applies to quotes for powder blends, but the information is required per 1kg or per 100g. The minimum volume for customised powders is approximately 150kg, depending on a number of factors, such as the type and quantity of ingredients used in the blend.

Please note: As it is a time-consuming process to prepare quotes for customised formulas, we charge a small administration fee of £15.00 + VAT per formula to prepare quotes. This fee will be refunded if you decide to place an order for your bespoke formula.