How do I make my own supplement brand?

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Start a supplements brand

Start a supplement brand - with our help it's easy!

If you are new to the supplements industry or just now looking to enter the market with your very own brand of products, forget the hassles, complexities and expense of product formulation, legal compliance, minimum manufacture runs etc.

We will handle all of that for you!

Specialist Supplements Ltd is a wholesale supplements supplier, that has been trading for a quarter of a century. Experts in our field, and one of the longest running private label supplements suppliers in the UK, we are ideally placed to help you make your dream of starting a supplements brand a reality.

With our help, it couldn't be easier.

We offer a unique business model, which enables resellers of all sizes and backgrounds to start their own brand quickly, easily and at a price they can afford. In just a few easy steps, you could have your very own supplements range, ready to get selling immediately.

Just a two quick steps...

Step 1. Select your off-the-shelf products

We have a comprehensive range of wholesale supplements, market-ready, "off-the-shelf" and ready to start selling.

Our range is comprehensive, able to support a variety of health goals, lifestyles and therefore target markets.

You can pick and choose which of our products you wish to resell and have none of the hassles, complexities, costs or risk, associated with product formulation and large scale manufacture. We have taken care of that for you.

We also have no minimum orders, so no need for large financial outlay should you not wish to buy from us in bulk. You can purchase as few as one product at a time, as and when you make your own sales - great for cash flow!

Step 2. Re-brand the products as your own

Once you have decided which of our products to sell, you can re-brand them as your own to create your very own range of supplements.

What does this mean in practice?

It means we can put your personalised product labels (i.e. with your company logo, branding, product names, contact details etc) onto our product pots, thereby instantly creating a supplements range that is unique to your company. This is known as "private label supplements".

How does it work and how much will it cost?

Private label supplements - how it works

We are experts in the supply of quality assured, UK-manufactured private label supplements to trade customers. We have over 1000 active private label resellers worldwide and this number is growing all the time.

We have a dedicated in-house team of experienced designers, who will guide you through the quick and easy process of "own label" setup in as little as a few days.

For just a small, one-off fee, we will set up your personalised labels for any products you wish to sell from our range under your own branding. You simply:

  1. Complete our brief Own Label Setup Questionnaire (supplying us with the information and other items we need to get started, such as your logo, colour scheme, unique product names, contact details etc).
  2. Select a label design template (which will be personalised for you) OR supply us with your own completely bespoke label artwork.
  3. Get selling - within a matter of days, your labels and images (3D renders of your private label supplements) could be ready for you to start marketing and selling.

And that's it - you have your very own supplements brand.

Click here to find out more about our private label supplements service.

Custom supplement formulations

And if you are looking to start your own supplements brand because you have a specific formula in mind, we can help you with that too.

While our off-the-shelf range is comprehensive, as well as cutting-edge, customers do occasionally require a custom supplement formulation. We are able to assist with bespoke supplements, if required, and can quote to help you complete your formula and get it manufactured.

Our team can guide you through from initial formulation to product packaging.

Click here for more information.

Supplement manufacturers UK

With Specialist Supplements Ltd as your wholesaler, you can have peace of mind that the ingredients and manufacturing processes (used for both our off-the-shelf range and any custom formulas) are quality assured and UK-based.

Click here for our quality standards, certificates and accreditations.

Fulfilment of private label orders

You might be wondering how the products actually get physically sent out with your private labels applied. Here you have two options:

1. If you wish to buy from us in bulk, we can ship the products to you, accompanied by your printed labels, ready for you to apply yourself (or we can apply the labels for you, for a small additional fee). OR

2. We can send the products out to your customers for you (our direct dispatch, or "dropship" service), with the products ready-labelled. We do not charge for this service and there are no minimum orders. All you pay is a postage fee, as if you were sending the items out yourself and this will depend on order weight, destination etc.

Get your supplements brand started

All you need to get started is create a trade account and then purchase one of our Own Label packages. We look forward to creating your supplements brand with you.