Private label supplements UK

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Private label supplements UK


When it comes to your product branding, you don't want to leave it up to chance. The entire success of your range (and business) could depend on how your products look, if the labelling is legally compliant and if the design effectively captures the attention of your target market. 

So if you are thinking of creating or expanding your own private label supplements range, don't waste time and effort with companies that are new to the industry and/or unfamiliar with compliance requirements. Instead, put your branding in our expert hands.

We have:

  • been trading for over two decades, leading the way in private label supplements supply
  • a talented and dedicated in-house private label team - we don't outsource your design work to cheap third party designers
  • qualified in-house nutritionists who pre-formulate a comprehensive range of off-the-shelf products for you to choose from (or will help you to create a custom formula)
  • in-house compliance experts who will ensure that both the products and your labels meet all UK regulatory requirements
  • a quality-assured range, manufactured in the UK under GMP and/or ISO standards
  • in-house experts that can guide you through all aspects of your supplements business setup or expansion, from product formulation or ingredients queries, to branding, website setup, marketing and order fulfilment - a full service solution under one roof
  • a free dropshipping service - direct dispatch of your private label products to your customers at no extra cost (all you pay is the postage, as if you were posting the items yourself)
  • excellent customer service
  • no minimum orders
  • a host of bespoke add-on services and free trade resources, designed to help you save time and sell more. 

Convinced? Don't waste another second - create a trade account now to get started. We could have your private label supplements range set up in as little as a few days!

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Unlike many other private label supplement suppliers in the UK, we have been specialists in this area for over twenty years. What this means in practice is that we have streamlined the process to make it as quick, easy and affordable for our private label re-sellers as possible. We guarantee a hassle-free experience and you need not have any prior experience to get started - we are here to support you.

Our in-depth industry knowledge, in all areas from label compliance to cutting-edge product formulation, means that you can rest assured that you are getting products that are top quality and labels that comply with regulatory requirements. We have a good working relationship with both Trading StandardsAmazon and the Natural Dispensary - a huge advantage for our re-sellers in terms of avoiding common pitfalls that can damage your brand or business. 

Our market-ready product range has been specifically formulated with approved EFSA health claims in mind. This means that you can make claims on your product range, safe in the knowledge that those claims are backed by science. 

The private label process is very simple:

STEP 1: Buy one of our two private label packages.

STEP 2: Complete our short questionnaire (where you can upload your logo, colour scheme preferences and unique product names).

STEP 3: We design your labels for you, using the information you have submitted. Or, you can submit your own artwork for the labels and we will review these for you.

And that's it. Within a matter of days you could have your very own supplements range, without any of the hassles or expense of product formulation, minimum manufacture runs, compliance checks etc. 

Because we have a dedicated in-house private label team, our turnaround time is very FAST. This also means it is highly affordable. Pay just a small one-off set up fee and you are free to sell any or all of the products in our range under your own branding. All label printing is free and there are no minimum orders. You can place an order for as few as one private label product at a time. 

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You are probably now to starting to get the idea that we do all we can as a supplements wholesaler to support our re-sellers in all aspects of their business. If you are successful, we are successful. 

A key element of a retail supplements business is order fulfilment - getting the products to your customers.

And not just getting them there, but making sure that they get there in a timely fashion and that what your customers receive is what they actually ordered. Without prompt dispatch and order accurancy, you can guarantee a drop in re-order rate. Again, why trust anyone other than an expert? Your business reputation is in their hands.

Specialist Supplements Ltd is one of the only supplements wholesalers in the UK to offer:

  • a FREE order fulfilment solution for its re-sellers - direct dispatch of orders to your customers (also referred to as "dropshipping". This is huge, as order fulfilment can be costly and eat into your profits. Things like packing materials, fulfilment staff, storage / packing space and the time spent keeping inventory, picking, packing and posting. With our private label dropship service, we handle all of this for you - and at no extra cost!
  • private label dropshipping at no extra cost - we label our products with your personalised labels, free of charge. This means that they go out ready-labelled to your customers and you don't have to do a thing. You customer will think the order has been sent out by you. 
  • no minimums for private label dropship orders - we will dropship as few as one private label product to your customers. This is great for cash flow, because you only place the order with us, when you make your own sale. You are never out of pocket. No worries over shelf-life, bulk buying, product storage etc. We deal with all of that for you.
  • such a fast and efficient dropshipping service - our products are pre-potted (under GMP and/or ISO standards) immediately following production and are ready for next day shipping with your own labels. Our business model (which includes an expert in-house fulfilment team) enables you to initiate a quick start-up business without any outlay on products or holding stock. It also means that order dispatch is very FAST - usually within 1 - 2 working days of the order being placed (in some cases, the same day depending on the time the order is placed). And because we don't outsource the work to an external fulfilment house, there are far fewer mistakes. We hold only our products and our client's labels, unlike fulfilment houses who - aside from being very expensive - handle fulfilment for hundreds or thousands of customers from a variety of industries. Product labelling and order mistakes can not only be dangerous (from a health and safety / allergen perspective), but they can also damage your hard-earned reputation and customer loyalty. If the dropship company you are considering is new to the industry, it is very likely that they are outsourcing this work and it is a well-known fact that outsourced fulfilment results in a high error rate. 

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Of course, we are biased, but we believe we offer an unrivalled private label service to customers in the UK, Europe and across the world.

We have a friendly and knowledgeable team, who are here to help. 

But don't take our word for it - check out our customer reviews - bottom of the page. :)

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