Soil Association Certification

Organic certification

We are proud to say that the food supplements in our Organic Products range have been certified by the Soil Association - the 'gold standard' when it comes to organic certification and standards in the UK, Europe and internationally, so quality is guaranteed. Their experience, knowledge and expertise in all aspects of the organic sector, means the Soil Association symbol is the most recognised organic mark in the UK today.


As part of their certification process, the Soil Association inspect and award organic certification only to those businesses that meet their high organic standards (see further below). Any product sold as ‘organic’ must comply with strict rules set at UK, European and international levels. These rules assure consumers that they are buying genuinely organic products that can be traced back to the farm.

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Organic standards

According to the Soil Association, organic standards are the rules and regulations that define how an organic product must be made. Organic standards for food are laid down in European Union (EU) law. Anything labelled 'organic' that is for human consumption must meet these standards as a minimum. The standards cover all aspects of food production, from animal welfare and wildlife conservation, to food processing and packaging.

Organic standards ensure that you can be certain that you are buying a genuine organic product that has been produced in line with the principles of the Soil Association - a not-for-profit business. Imported organic foods must have been produced and inspected to equivalent standards. There must also be full traceability of organic ingredients back to the farmer.

There are a number of different certification bodies in the UK which carry out the inspections and paperwork to ensure that the standards are being met. The Soil Association is one of only a very few of these bodies that have chosen to set standards that are higher than the EU minimum in several areas such as genetic modification (GM), animal welfare and nature conservation.

They inspect licensed businesses at least once a year. They also carry out a number of random spot inspections, which can be unannounced.

Private label re-sellers

We have saved our re-sellers time and money, by having our private label / Own Label design templates pre-approved by the Soil Association. What this means in practice, is that our re-sellers are able to display the Soil Association / EU organic logos on their own branded organic products, without having to go through their own registration and approval processes with those organisations. For full details, see the Own Label FAQs (registered customers) or create a ticket for the Own Label team. 

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