Supplement dropshipping UK

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Supplements dropshipping UK

Our supplements dropship service

Specialist Supplements Ltd is a UK-based wholesaler of supplements, health foods, herbals, vitamins and minerals.

We offer our re-sellers a no-fee order fulfilment solution. In other words, you sell, we ship - anywhere in the world.

Known as "supplements dropshipping", this direct dispatch service means that we handle all aspects of order fulfilment on your behalf, freeing up your time to focus on core business activities and saving you time, money and effort.

We label, pack and post your orders directly to your customers and they will think they have been shipped by you.

We can even dropship orders using your own private labels at no extra cost, if you choose to set up your own branding with us.

Unlike many other supplements wholesalers, dropship companies and fulfilment houses, we provide this supplements dropship service free of charge (all you pay is the postage, as if you were posting the orders out yourself).

No administration fees; no labelling fees; no minimum orders.

You can dropship as few as one product at a time.

Get started with a dropship supplements business

If you are looking to start selling supplements or expand an existing business, but don’t have the time or resources to manage your own order fulfilment, our free, convenient and reliable dropship service offers the ideal solution.

Here's how it works - just 3 easy steps:

1. You sell our products (either under private label or under our Specialist Supplements Ltd branding). You collect the funds from your client, at the retail price you set.

2. You place the corresponding order through your trade account with us. You are charged our trade price for the product(s), plus a small shipping fee, depending on weight, location etc.

3. We then label, pack and post the orders for you, direct to your customers - simple as that!

The packaging that we use for your dropship orders is discreet. In other words, there is no Specialist Supplements Ltd literature included and so your customer will think the order has come from you.

You can even include personalised delivery notes (with your company logo) and order messages for a small extra fee.

Open or expand a business, without the hassle of managing inventory, packaging or shipping.

Benefits of dropshipping

Dropshipping is ideal for anyone who: has limited time and resources; works on a mobile basis; has a second job; has limited storage space; or would simply rather spend time and money on core income-generating activities than manual labour (or employing someone to do this for you).

It is also a great way for new re-sellers of supplements to "test the waters", without having to lay out money on stock, envelopes, packing materials, storage space, staff etc - great for cash flow!

As dropship orders are only placed with us as and when you make your own sales, there are no worries about advance financial outlay or product shelf life.

We handle all of the logistical complexities associated with order fulfilment.

This allows you to scale your business at a pace that suits you, with little or no risk.

Quality dropshipping service

As the final part of your customer's buying experience with you, everyone knows that it is vital that the shipping process is accurate and efficient.

When using our supplements dropshipping service, you can rest assured that your company's reputation is safe with us.

Firstly, our products are potted under GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) and/or ISO standards immediately following production, which means that they are ready for next day shipping (either using your own labels or our company labels). As such, our business model means that we can ship your orders out FAST. Dropship orders are normally dispatched within 1 - 2 business days of you placing the order with us.

As the wholesaler of these supplements, we also have a very high rate of accuracy. Fulfilment houses, who deal with a variety of clients and products from multiple industries, are not only more expensive, but also tend to make more mistakes (especially with private labelling).

The fact that we offer:

makes our in-house provided supplements dropshipping service hard to beat.

Start using our supplements dropship service

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