Supplement supplies for practitioners

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Wholesale supplements for practitioners

Quality supplement supplies for your natural health practice

Specialist Supplements Ltd is a name you can trust when it comes to sourcing and/or prescribing high quality nutritional supplements for your clients. 

Firmly positioned in the industry as one of the UK's leading supplement wholesalers, we have been supplying natural health practitioners, clinics and general re-sellers worldwide, with practitioner-strength formulas for a quarter of a century.  

Whether you are established as a practitioner or just starting out, choose our products to compliment your treatments / services and give your clients the best that Nature has to offer, while accessing a valuable additional income stream.

We pride ourselves on the quality of our products and are very careful in the selection of our ingredients and suppliers. We are called Specialist Supplements for a reason - unlike most "high street" products, our wholesale supplements are concentrated, unique and cutting-edge - continually being refined in line with latest nutritional findings and consumer demand.

Our pure fill products are manufactured in the UK, using premium ingredients and in accordance with GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) and/or ISO standards, ensuring quality and traceability.

Our trade prices are unbeatable on comprehensive formulations. Coupled with our quality assurances, this makes for unbeatable value.

Practitioner-specific products

So many practitioners and clinicians across the world choose us as their long-term supplements supplier, because we specialise in practitioner formulas - UK-made, quality assured and tried and tested. In other words, products that produce results.

This is good for your clients, and good for you, as it keeps them returning to your services and recommendations. 

We have a comprehensive range of herbal and food-based products, which are ideal for use in combination with complementary medicine sessions and treatments and suitable to support virtually any health goal. 

Our range includes: colon cleansers / bowel health supplements, practitioner-strength probiotics, digestive enzyme combinations, dietary fibre blends, liver cleansers, general cleanse and detox supplements and much more. We also have a range of Soil Association certified organic health foods and supplements.

Practitioners favour our products because many are based on Dr. Christopher formulas. Our colon cleansing, digestive enzymes, 8 strain probiotics, and BTB cascara formulas are best-sellers with clinics and our comprehensive "free from" range is ideal for allergy clinics and many others.

As well as buying direct from us, practitioners also have the option to purchase our range through The Natural Dispensary.

Cash flow concerns?

Unlike most other supplement wholesalers, we have a "no minimum orders" policy.

Our whole ethos is about supporting small businesses and so, if you are not in a position (or simply do not wish) to buy supplements from us in bulk, you have the option to purchase as few as one product at a time. For example, as and when you make a sale to your own customer. This is ideal for cash flow, as you are not having to lay out funds before making your own sales.

We offer a unique and flexible business model, which allows you to go at your own pace. You have complete control and can choose:

  • which products to sell
  • how many products to offer your clients
  • whether to buy in bulk or on demand
  • whether to sell under our Specialist Supplements branding or your own personalised branding (see below)
  • whether to hold your own stock or let us fulfil your orders for you (see below).

This flexibility means that our products are perfect for well-established pracititioners, as well as those just starting out with their practice.

Plus, if you are short on storage space, and/or don't have the staff resources to manage to stock-keeping, we can take care of all of that for you. No worries over shelf-life, stock inventory etc.

Your own branded range of products

Many practitioner customers choose to re-sell our wholesale supplements under their own personalised branding and product labels. In other words, our blank pots labelled with their own personalised labels (featuring their practice logo, unique product names, colour scheme and contact details). 

A key advantage of this "private label" approach (other than of course promoting re-orders and protecting customer loyalty), is that you then have the ability to target a particular market with your branding. For instance, colonic hydrotherapists can design their labels and name their products in a way that specifically targets those with digestive health complaints.

And it couldn't be easier! We have a dedicated in-house "Own Label" team who can help to get your labels set up in just a matter of days. The result? Your own branded range of products, without any of the hassle, expense or complexities of product formulation or manufacture. We handle all that for you. By re-branding our products as your own, you have a range that is completely unique to your business. 

An easy way to inspire confidence in your services, add prestige to your business and cross-sell to maximise your income potential.

Click here to find out more about how Own Label setup works. It is quick, easy and (with a small, one-off setup fee), affordable for all.

A hassle-free order fulfilment solution

If you are an established practitioner, no doubt you already advise clients on supplements to purchase. Why send this business elsewhere, when you could be providing your clients with quality products that you know work and simultaneously boosting your own income?!

One reason may be that you simply don't have the time or energy to get involved with the product supply / order fulfilment process. But with our help, you don't need to!

Simply recommend the products to purchase (as you do already), take the funds from your clients and WE will ship the items out for you (direct to your customer) at no extra cost. 

All you pay is the postage (covered by the fee paid to you by your customer) and we handle the entire fulfilment process. 

Best of all, your customer will think that the order has been dispatched by you. There is no reference to Specialist Supplements Ltd anywhere on the paperwork or packaging. You can even include a personalised delivery note, with your logo and order messages to your client. We can even dispatch products with your own labels at no extra cost.

This process is called "no-fee dropshipping" and we are one of the only supplement wholesalers in the UK who offer this bespoke and free solution. 

As mentioned above, this is ideal for cash flow, and it also allows to continue focussing on your core business (without getting distracted by logistical matters).

Click here to find out more about how dropshipping works.

How to start purchasing

If you want access to full product specifications, service information and pricing, create a trade account now.

Account approval usually takes less than 24 hours and you can get selling immediately.