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Own label wholesale supplements

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We specialise in the wholesale supply of off-the-shelf herbal and food-based encapsulated and powder supplements.
Our products are manufactured in the UK, under GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) and/or ISO quality standards.

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HPMC capsules (herbal and probiotic)
Protein, superfood and dietary fibre powders
Softgel capsules


Wholesale health foods, supplements, herbals, vitamins and minerals

Off-the-shelf UK-made wholesale supplements

Own label omega oils

Wholesale omega oils

Off-the-shelf UK-made wholesale supplements

Custom supplement formulas


As our name suggests, we focus on specialist supplements - multiple-ingredient blends (rather than the standard single-ingredient offerings you can find on the high street), as well as practitioner-strength products.

These include herbal formulas, organic superfoods, probiotics, dietary fibre blends, plant-based protein powders and health foods.

We have a comprehensive product range (see below), formulated in-house and able to support virtually any health goal and target market. We also pride ourselves on catering to specific lifestyles, such as:

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Our organic range is Soil Association certified and the majority of our products are backed by EFSA approved health claims.

We have no minimum orders.

Don’t see what you are looking for? We can assist you with a custom supplement formula. Click here to find out more.


Custom supplement formulas

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We cater to businesses of all sizes from around the world, from large online retailers, established practitioners, clinics and health stores, to small start-ups and individual entrepreneurs. Whether you are an individual simply looking to make extra money, a small business owner / website trader wanting to increase your monthly income or an established retailer looking to expand, our wholesale private label supplements and tailored business services are for you.

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