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Wholesale bodybuilding supplements UK

Wholesale bodybuilding supplements - no minimums!

Welcome to Specialist Supplements Ltd, and our specialist range of wholesale bodybuilding, muscle mass, sports and nutrition supplements - trading since 1995 and connecting gym owners, personal trainers and bodybuilding coaches to the most effective, in-demand, cutting-edge and on-trend products in the industry. 

Unlike many other "bodybuilding" supplements on the market, we combine the best that Nature has to offer in high-quality, UK manufactured health foods and supplements, backed by science with EFSA approved health claims.

Quality is a priority for us, and so both our ingredients and suppliers are carefully sourced. Our products are manufactured in the UK, under GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) and/or ISO standards (some in an Informed Sports Factory), and so are quality assured. No cheap ingredients, or unwanted "nasties".

We offer products that are hormone-free, non-irradiated, non-GMO, as well as TSE / BSE free.

Whatever the bodybuilding goal (increase in muscle mass, stamina or strength, optimum nutrition, toning or fat loss etc), we have the products for you and your clients.

Our supplements line has been created to work synergistically together, supporting holistic health at the same time as specific health goals - improve all aspects of health (including, for example, digestion, immunity etc) to support the overall achievement of the primary bodybuilding goal.

We have a specialist range that your clients are going to love, and won't be able to easily source elsewhere! This includes "free from", organic, vegetarian and vegan options, to suit all lifestyles / customer groups. 

Boost your monthly income and compliment your services, by offering your customers high-quality products that help them achieve their bodybuilding goals, and in a faster time. 

We have NO MINIMUM ORDERS, so you can place orders with us as and when you make sales with your own customers. No need to buy in bulk, unless you want to!

Specialist bodybuilding products

We have a comprehensive range of wholesale muscle mass and sport supplements, which can be used pre, post or during workouts. This range includes concentrated plant protein powders, whey protein, organic superfood blensd, antioxidants, amino acids, meal shakes, Omega oils and much more.

UK and worldwide supply

We supply wholesale bodybuilding supplements, health foods and other nutritional products to trade customers based in the UK, Europe and worldwide.

Our products can be pre-ordered in bulk (to benefit from our scaled discount structure), or you can place orders one at a time for direct dispatch to your customers anywhere in the world (our dropshipping option - see below). 

Dropship bodybuilding supplements

We offer a free bodybuilding supplements dropship service to all registered trade customers. This is basically a free order fulfilment solution for our re-sellers. 

1. Your customer places an order for supplements with you. > 2. You log into your account and place the corresponding order with us. > 3. We ship the order to your customer, and they think it has come straight from you.


Our dropship service is provided free of charge. All you pay is a small postage fee, dependent on weight, destination etc.

​It is ideal for anyone who has limited time and resources; limited storage space, or would simply rather spend their time on core income generating activities instead of manual labour tasks.

It is also a great way for new re-sellers of supplements to "test the waters", without having to lay out money on stock, envelopes, packing materials etc, as there is no need to lay out money on stock before making your own sales - great for cash flow!

Dropshipping as a fulfilment solution takes away all of the hassle, expense and complexity involved with order posting out orders. All you need to worry about is making sales.

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Private label bodybuilding supplements

Ever thought how impressive it would be to offer your clients, say, a protein powder branded with your own business name?

With our help and for a small setup fee, you could create an entire range of products that feature your logo, unique product names and contact details. This is known as "private label supplements" or "own brand supplements".

Not only will this help to inspire confidence in your services, it will also provide a valuable additional income stream. Cross-selling products as part of bodybuilding / personal training services can be highly lucrative, as well as provide an ideal way to enhance results for your clients. 

We have a comprehensive range of supplements to support a variety of health goals and lifestyles - off-the-shelf and ready to get selling immediately. You have none of the hassles, complexities or costs, associated with product formulation and manufacture (such as minimum runs and legal compliance issues). We have taken care of that for you.

All you need to do to realise your dream of your own supplements range is to re-brand our market-ready white label products as your own. 

And, best of all, our dedicated in-house team can take care of this process for you, so that you are ready to get selling your own supplements range in as little as a few days. 


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