On demand private label supplements

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On demand private label supplements and no fee dropshipping

Who we are

Specialist Supplements Ltd is a UK-based wholesaler and dropshipper, specialising in the supply of on demand private label supplements, health foods, vitamins, minerals and other neutraceuticals.

We are experts in our field and industry leaders, having provided these bespoke products and services to trade customers and health practitioners across the globe for over a quarter of a century.

We offer a comprehensive range of supplements, reflecting consumer demand, latest nutritional findings and EFSA approved health claims, as well as virtually all target markets. We can also assist with custom supplement formulations, if required.

Quality is a priority for us. We work with trusted suppliers and (unless otherwise stated) our products are manufactured in the UK under quality standards (such as GMP, ISO etc).

Together, our market experience and quality assurances offer our customers peace of mind. Your business and reputation are safe in our hands, whether you are new to the industry and just starting out, or a well-established retailer.

We can handle the complexities of product formulation, regulatory compliance etc and all you need concern yourself with is the business of actually selling the products - core income-generating activity.

What we do

As well as supplying wholesale food supplements, we also offer a number of add-on services, designed to save our trade customers time, money and effort. We offer a tailored, full-service solution for all of your wholesale supplement business needs - all under one roof. For example...

Private label

Our in-house private label service is second to none. We have a skilled and dedicated team, who will guide you through the quick, easy and affordable process of creating your very own range of branded supplements.

From concept design right through to product launch, Specialist Supplements offers a straight-forward and seamless process, that will allow you to get your brand off the ground in as short a time as just a few days. Our standard turnaround time for an entire range from the date of design proof approval is just 5 working days.

Our off-the-shelf and cutting-edge product lines provide an easy route to market and, with NO MINIMUM ORDERS and just a small, one-off setup fee for private label, we ensure that you can make your capital work harder for you.

In the hands of our experienced private label team, you can rest assured that your labels will be legally compliant.

In terms of your label design, you have the option to pick from one of our attractive template designs (which we will then personalise with your company logo, product names, colours and contact details) or, alternatively and for a completely bespoke look, you have the option to supply us with your own label artwork.

Once your labels have been set up, we cover the cost of printing for all orders placed with us. There is no further outlay on private label.

It is a quick, easy and affordable process, allowing businesses and entrepreneurs of all sizes, backgrounds and locations to realise their vision of starting their own supplements brand. See how we make your private labeling fast and easy with our in-house team of experts.


Our service offering is one of the only truly "on demand" private label supplement services in the UK.

This is because:

i) all of our products are immediately potted under GMP standards following production and are therefore ready for next day shipping under your own labels;

ii) we have no minimum order quantities; and

iii) we offer all registered trade customers a free fulfilment solution - our no-fee supplements dropship service.

What this essentially means is that you sell, we ship.

We label, pack and post your orders directly to your customers and they will think the products have been shipped by you. You even have the option to include personalised delivery notes and order messages. Your customer loyalty is protected.

There is no extra cost or MOQ for dropshipping products with your private labels. We provide this dropshipping service free of charge (all you pay is the postage).

This convenient service removes the hassles, complexities, time constraints and expense associated with order fulfilment, freeing up your time and saving you money. It also avoids the need to outlay on stock before making your own sales - you only place a product order with us once you have made a sale yourself.

No worries over cash flow, shelf-life, stock storage, inventory etc.

Simply purchase the private label supplements you need, when you need them. We do the rest.

A flexible business model

Our unique business model enables you to initiate a quick startup business / range, without any outlay for products or holding stock.

You can take advantage of our fast, affordable private label setup, on-demand fulfilment and no minimum order policy to start or expand your business in a low risk way.

This model gives you complete flexibility in scaling your business, at a pace that suits you.

With our various dedicated in-house teams (Products, Orders & Fulfilment, Own Label, Marketing etc), we are the ideal partner to help you get selling.

Purchase your supplements one order at a time and have us label and ship from one place - no having to deal with multiple suppliers in a complicated supply chain. With our on-demand purchasing and order fulfillment, you save time and money.

An established supplier you can trust

Put your supplement business needs in our hands and you won't be disappointed. We have a very high client satisfaction rating - not sure, see for yourself. Our client testimonials speak for themselves.

With our help, you can be assured of expert guidance, product quality, regulatory compliance and fast, efficient service. Most importantly, a range that you can be proud of.

Register now and get started.