Support Ticket System FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Support Ticket System?
We use a Support Ticket System for all support issues, queries, correspondence and contact with us. This system covers all departments; due to time constraints, none of our teams accept direct emails or telephone calls.

How do I create a ticket?

For registered trade account holders:
To create a ticket, log into your trade account and click on the green 'Support tickets' button on the Welcome page. Once created, your ticket will be logged within your account Support Ticket area and can always be revisited.

For non-registered account holders:
Please go to the 'Create Ticket' page and complete the fields, selecting the department that the query relates to.

What happens once I have created a ticket?
Once created, your ticket will be assigned to a member of the relevant team, who will respond to you in due course (we aim to respond to all tickets within 24 - 48 working hours). Please DO NOT create multiple tickets about the same query, hoping to speed up our response. All tickets are dealt with in the order that they are received and this could actually end up delaying our response to you.

Are my tickets stored?
Yes, your personal trade account will retain all tickets created by you (and responded to by us) for easy historic referencing. Similarly, any tickets that we create and send to you, will be stored. Unlike emails, tickets within this system can't get lost due to spam filters etc. Ideally, you should be logged in to your account when creating a ticket, to ensure that it gets saved in your records.

To view both live and past tickets, click the green 'Manage Tickets' button on the 'Create Ticket' page.

Can I upload files using the Support Ticket System?
Yes, you can upload files in the ticket area when logged in, following the creation of the first ticket in that thread (we do not permit upload of files with the first ticket for security reasons). You will also be able to download files that we send to you.

How do I upload a file to a ticket?
Once you have created an initial ticket to explain your query and clicked 'SAVE', you will be directed to a page with your new ticket (called 'Ticket Detail'). You will see that an option to upload files has now appeared at the bottom of the page. Click 'Attach File' to add an initial file and then 'Add new' if you have additional files to upload.