Private label supplements UK

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Private label supplements UK


Specialist Supplements Ltd is the UK's leading private label supplements wholesaler and dropshipper, having been supplying trade for almost a quarter of a century. 

As industry leaders and compliance experts, we offer innovative wholesale supplement, attractive private label and reliable dropshipping services - all under one roof, with dedicated in-house teams.

Our services are ideal for established businesses looking to expand their own range of supplements and/or health foods, as well as start-ups looking to enter the industry quickly and easily with minimal financial outlay.

Our level of experience, and established reputation, means we are trusted by businesses of all sizes worldwide to fulfill their private label and other wholesale supplement business needs. Partner with a company that works hard to monitor consumer demand / trends and latest nutritional advances, stays up-to-date with regulatory compliance, whilst creating new opportunities in the marketplace for its customers.


  • Quality-assured product range (UK GMP and/or ISO manufacturing)
  • Fast, easy and affordable private label setup (attractive label design or option to supply own artwork, plus pot image generation - 3D renders)
  • Comprehensive choice of market-ready products
  • No minimum order quantities (on off-the-shelf products)
  • No-fee dropshipping services
  • Custom supplement formulation (if required)
  • Regulatory compliance expertise
  • Innovative, cost-saving and environtally-aware packaging (all of our pots and lids are 100% recyclable and most of our supplements come in flat postal pots which are for ideal for both reduced shipping costs and improved storage)
  • Unique labelling techniques
  • Free label printing for all orders placed (irrespective of size)
  • Free label application for all dropshipped orders
  • Soil Association certified organic range
  • Turnkey e-commerce websites
  • Tailored marketing services and branded advertising materials
  • And much more...

Our unique business model offers our resellers a high level of flexibility, particularly in terms of cash flow. Don't want to place bulk orders or lay out large sums of money in advance of making your own sales? Our no minimum order policy and on-demand private label dropshipping service, makes this possible.

No minimum orders + no contracts or commitments = unbelievable value!


It's so easy...

1. Select the products you wish to re-brand and sell. Either choose from our market-ready range (no MOQs) or we can assist you with a custom supplement formula. You can re-brand as few as one product.

2. Label creation. Either choose one of our attractive design templates (which we then personalise for you), or supply us with your own artwork for a completely bespoke look.

Private label setup usually takes between 1 - 2 weeks (often less), depending on how quickly you can provide us with the required artwork / information and approvals. If required, we can even generate multi-angled 3D renders (computer-generated images) of your private label supplements for you, for use on your website, other sales platforms and marketing materials, social media etc.

3. Start ordering. Once your private labels have been set up, you can immediately start marketing your brand and generating sales. Ordering from us is so simple. You log into your account, add the products to cart and select the option that confirms you have your own label(s) at checkout. There are no minimum orders for private label supplements - this is a truly "on demand" service. The item(s) can either be sent to you, or dispatched direct to your customer at no extra cost (all you pay is the postage). Again, these options are provided during the checkout process.

If you prefer white label, so you can label the products yourself, then we can do that too.


Still not convinced that private label is for you? Here are just a few more reasons you should give it a try...

Prestige and brand identity

Being able to present customers with your own range of products not only inspires confidence in your business, products and services; it also helps to build brand recognition in the marketplace, so that your products can be differentiated more easily from those of your competitors. What's more, having control over product names and the general look of your labels means that you can target specific markets and align the branding to your existing or desired customer base and industry.

Customer loyalty and repeat orders

Having your own branding, that features your company name, unique product names and contact details (such as a web address), promotes stronger customer recognition, loyalty and (of course) repeat orders - an essential step in establishing and protecting a hard-earned customer base with longevity for your business.

Bigger profit margins

By selling under your own branded product labels, you don't have to worry about customers making direct same-brand price comparisons. This gives you the freedom to set your own re-sale prices, often with much higher profit margins.

Ideal for small businesses and start-ups

Small companies and business start-ups often lack the resources and know-how required to formulate, manufacture and/or package the products they want to sell. Such costs (which include large minimum manufacture runs for each product, storage space and staff costs) can be prohibitive, and yet they want to enter the lucrative health supplements market. Private label supplements are the perfect solution, when accompanied by a no minimum order policy and a small set-up costs such as ours.


Why risk your business and reputation by selecting a private label wholesaler that is new to the industry and therefore less versed in compliance and the other complexities of supplement supply. While there may be a number of private label supplement suppliers now out there, very few have been established for more than a few years.

By choosing Specialist Supplements Ltd as your wholesale supplements supplier and private label partner, you can rest assured that you are receiving expert advice and guidance grounded in many years' of industry experience.

We have an excellent relationship with Trading Standards and submit our labels to the Public Analyst for compliance checks. Much of our product range has been specially formulated in-house, by our trained nutritionists, to offer re-sellers the broadest possible range of EFSA approved health claims, to support marketing and sales efforts without concerns over regulatory compliance.

We offer a wide range of resources to our registered trade customers:

  • to assist with understanding how our products work and what they do (comprehensive product fact sheets)
  • free marketing materials (including product posters, web banners etc), which can be re-branded with your private label products for a small fee
  • personalised delivery notes and orders messages with dropship orders (optional add-on service)
  • highly responsive customer service team, to deal with product, order and service queries.

We are also proud to be able to offer a range of add-on services through dedicated in-house teams, for a seamless approach. These include Website Builds (for ready-to-trade websites that come pre-populated with details and images of your private label products), Marketing Services and more.

We are with you every step of the way, from product concept to brand launch. We have done as much of the hard preparatory work as possible, to make your life easier (including product manufacture, compliance checks etc) and do as much of the "heavy lifting" as possible, when it comes to logistical aspects such as stock storage, inventory, picking, packing, labelling and posting.

Create a trade account today and get started with your own private label supplements range today, for just a small one-off affordable fee.