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Buyer's guide

How do I become a trade customer and start re-selling your products?
In order to become a trade customer and to purchase from our trade website, you will first need to apply for an account. 

Click here to complete the brief application form (approval normally takes around 24 hours). Once you are registered and approved, you will have access to full product information, pricing (including details of our discount structure), service information and the other private sections of this members-only website. You will also be able to make purchases.

Do you provide product samples?
As we do not have minimum order quantities, we do not provide product samples. If you wish to trial the products, you can purchase one pot of each.

How do I get the most out of being a trade customer with Specialist Supplements?
Log in and read our Buyer's Guide for everything you need to know and check out all of the other trade information resources in the Resources section, which include FREE marketing materials, product usage guidelines and product sales plans.

How do I find the product(s) I am looking for?
To find the product(s) you are looking for and/or that are most likely to meet your requirements, first log in. You may then:

  1. click "Get Shopping" in the top menu, to view all available products at the same time and make multiple purchases quickly and easily
  2. use the "Categories" menu on the left-hand menu, to view individual product ranges
  3. type a keyword or product name into the SEARCH box in the top right-hand corner.

If you have any trouble locating a product or still can't find what you are looking for after trying the above, please feel free to contact us for assistance.

Do you have a product csv feed that I can use to upload to my own website?
Once you are a registered customer, you will have access to our Basic Product Information spreadsheet, which you can find in the Resources section (under Resources in the top menu once logged in to your account). You can then edit the spreadsheet as you require. This spreadsheet includes fields such as product name, product code, brief description, weight, ingredients, usage etc.

How do I navigate the site?
To navigate this website, simply look through the menus at the top, left and bottom of every page. Click on a category or link you might be interested in or, alternatively, use the search facility.

Who can re-sell your products?
Anyone can re-sell our wholesale food supplements, herbal formulations and organic food products. We supply a wide range of trade customers and natural health professionals across the world, including colonic hydrotherapists, naturopaths, herbalists, homeopaths, personal trainers, detox centres, digestive health experts, nutritionists, along with small home businesses, online retailers and independent health stores.

We also have an affiliate program

Do I need to have insurance / liability cover in order to resell your products?
As an initial point, it is worth noting that we sell foods and food supplements, rather than medicinal products or drugs. It is therefore unlikely that users will suffer reactions to our products. What's more, our product labels conform to labelling laws, i.e. all ingredients, including allergens are listed. It is therefore up to the consumer to read the labels and decide if any ingredients do not suit them.

Our Specialist Supplements Ltd company insurance (combined commercial and products liability insurance) does not include resellers. As such, if you decide that you would like to take out your own insurance cover, something like a health shop / food store reseller policy should be more than sufficient. If you are a Limited company, it may not be necessary.

In any case, we would suggest that you seek the advice of an insurance broker, solicitor or accountant if you are unsure. We cannot help you further with this query.

Do you offer any services that can help me to sell more products / boost my income?

Yes, we offer a wide range of tailored services, including own label / white label products, dropshipping, ready-to-trade e-commerce websites, marketing services and more!

You may also wish to consider upgrading your trade account to Trade Member PLUS (our optional membership scheme for a small monthly fee), which gives you access to exclusive tools and discounts to help you increase sales and boost your income.

What is the minimum order amount / minimum number of pots I need to order?
We DO NOT have a minimum order requirement. You can order 1 pot or 1000 pots. 

Is there a minimum order if I have my own labels?
No, we can dropship or post as little as 1 item for you with your own label. Log in and click here for specific Own Label FAQs.

Do you post orders outside the UK?
Yes, we post and dropship all of our health foods and supplements to most world-wide destinations. Log in and click here for specific dropshipping FAQs, and here for delivery FAQs.

My account

I have created an account, so why can't I see products or place an order?
Your status as a trade customer will be pending during the approval stage. During this brief time (normally 24 hours), you will not yet have access to products, prices or the private sections of this members-only website. Upon approval, and once your trade account has been activated by us, we will email you to confirm that you have full access to our website. You will then be able to place orders.

How do I edit my account information?
Once you are logged in, click the "My Account" link in the top right-hand corner of our site to edit your account information at any time. Here you can:

  1. change your password
  2. modify your address book entries
  3. modify your wish list
  4. view your order history
  5. view your transactions
  6. and more.

I forgot my password - what do I do?
Click the "Login" link in the top right-hand corner of our site. On the right hand side of the page (in the "Account" box) you will see a link that says "Forgotten Password". Click on the link, enter the email address that you registered with and you will be sent your password.

Additional support

How do I contact you?
Please use our online Support Ticket System.