Wholesale supplements for resale UK

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Wholesale supplements for resale UK

Wholesale supplements supplier

Specialist Supplements Ltd is an established, UK-based supplier of quality wholesale food supplements, organic health foods and herbal formulations.

We can offer trade customers a variety of manufacturing and wholesale supplement services, all under one roof. Save time, money and effort by dealing with just one supplier for all your wholesale supplement, product development and marketing needs. For example, we offer:

  • a comprehensive range of quality, cutting-edge, market-ready products
  • competitive trade prices with high margins (including a scaled discount structure)
  • private label / own label supplements - start your own range quickly, easily and at a price you can afford (free printing for the life of your account)
  • a no-fee supplements dropship service - a free fulfilment solution for the direct dispatch of our products to your customers
  • white label units
  • bulk loose capsules/powders
  • custom supplement formulations
  • fast turnaround and excellent customer service (be led by experts in the field)
  • tiered membership options (get the most out of your account).

With our unique no minimum orders policy, and no-fee dropship services available to those who need them, Specialist Supplements' wholesale supplement and own label services are ideal for supplement resellers of all backgrounds and sizes. We work with everyone from sole traders, individual health practitioners and start-up entrepreneurs, to large online retailers and multi-nationals. We also partner with The Natural Dispensary.

Our products are formulated in-house and manufactured in the UK under GMP and ISO 9001 standards. Our organic range has Soil Association and EU Organic certification. This gives our resellers peace of mind in terms of traceability, ingredient quality and efficacy. We have also formulated the vast majority of our products to provide for EFSA approved health claims - essential for marketing purposes and securing sales.

Quality is of paramount importance to us and so we carefully select our own suppliers and partners, to ensure the best end product for your customers.

About our wholesale supplements range

We sell a wide range of wholesale food supplements, health foods and herbal formulations to practitioners and other trade customers in the UK and across the world.

We specialise in the in-house formulation of unique combination products, which offer a comprehensive blend of ingredients that can’t readily be found on the high-street. We also pride ourselves on catering to lucrative and fast-growing "lifestyle" markets, such as vegan, vegetarian, organic, kosher and free from - designed to help you stand out from competitors.

Our ranges include:

  • Alkalising supplements
  • Antioxidants
  • Cleanse and detox supplements
  • Colon cleansers
  • Diet foods
  • Digestive aids and dietary fibre blends
  • Free from supplements
  • Food form supplements
  • Health foods
  • Heart / cardio health supplements
  • Immunity support supplements
  • Joint support supplements
  • Meal shakes / meal replacements
  • Men's health supplements
  • Muscle mass and sports supplements
  • Omega oils
  • Organic health foods and supplements (Soil Association and EU organic certified)
  • Practitioner supplies
  • Probiotics / live bacteria (including children's probiotics)
  • Protein powders
  • Superfood supplements
  • Vegetarian and vegan supplements
  • Weight management supplements
  • Women's health supplements

Our products are available for re-sale under your own label (or our label) and can be purchased in bulk or dropshipped by us direct to your customers - we have no minimum orders.

Best sellers

All of our supplement lines sell well, but some of our best-selling products include our: magnesium based bowel hydration formula (Oxy-Klenz); all-in-one yeast balance (anti-Candida), digestive health and detox formula (SPOREgone); 8 strain, 20 billion practitioner strength live bacteria probiotic (ProBio MAX); high fibre green powder combination, with 35 organic green foods, fruits, berries, herbs, seeds and bio-active enzymes in a single powder (GreeNourish Complete); and many others.

Become a Specialist Supplements reseller

Whether developing just starting out in the supplements industry, or well-established as a supplements retailer in your own right; whether just now thinking of starting your own brand, looking to expand a pre-existing brand or re-sell ours - Specialist Supplements is an industry leader and expert that you can rely on to guide you every step of the way.

To become a Specialist Supplements reseller, simply create a trade account here.

Once approved, you will be given full access to product, service and pricing information.