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Why you should choose us

Ready-made supplements

Ready-made supplements

UK manufactured and quality assured

UK manufactured and
quality assured

Competitive trade prices

Competitive trade prices

Re-brand for higher profit margins!

Re-brand for higher profit margins!

Buy as you sell (great for cashflow)

Only buy when you sell
(great for cashflow)

A FREE fulfilment solution

A FREE fulfilment solution
NO minimum order



Specialist Supplements Ltd is one of the UK’s leading suppliers and dropshippers of wholesale private label food supplements, herbal formulations, organic health foods, vitamins and minerals. Trading since 1995, we are a company you can trust, with a well-established reputation.

We offer our resellers excellent value for money, through a combination of specialist, high-quality products and competitive trade prices that are hard to beat. Buy in bulk and benefit from our scaled discount structure - the more you buy, the more you save. Alternatively, purchase as few as one product at a time - we have no minimum orders!

Whatever option you choose, our products would make an ideal addition to your range. And why not sell them under your own labels and branding for even higher profit margins?!

And we can even dispatch our products direct to your customers at no extra cost (all you pay is the postage). Our no-fee dropship service means that you can forget about the hassles of order fulfilment and concentrate on selling!


Would you like to boost sales and earn more?

By becoming a stockist of Specialist Supplements Ltd products, you can boost your income while avoiding financial outlay in advance of sales.

Simply feature our high-quality, unique formulations for sale on your website and then only purchase from us when the orders start coming on. We can hold the stock for you and can even handle fulfilment should you wish - we can dispatch direct to your customers at no extra charge!

Want even higher profit margins? Re-brand our products with your own labels - something we can help you do for a small one-off fee. This gives you the freedom to charge the retail prices you want to, without concerns over customer price-matching.

And you don’t have to be a nutrition expert to become a reseller of our wholesale supplements. We provide our customers with comprehensive information about our products (including marketing materials), which make them so easy to promote and sell.


We are looking for...

Our resellers come from all over the world and a wide variety of backgrounds, but we are specifically looking for entrepreneurial online retailers to list and sell our products (whether under our branding or under their own personalised labels).

What you can sell...

We offer a highly flexible resale solution: sell all or just some of our products; purchase in advance or wait until you make sales; buy in bulk or purchase one product at a time. There are no minimum orders, no cross-range restrictions, no sign-up fees, monthly contracts or hidden charges.


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