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Children's gummies wholesaler

Wholesale children's supplements supplier

Specialist Supplements Ltd is a wholesale supplier of children's vitamins and supplements, including child-specific probiotic powders and gummies.

We specialise in the in-house formulation of unique combination products, which offer a comprehensive blend of ingredients that can’t readily be found elsewhere, especially on the high street. Alternatively, if you have a custom formula in mind, we can assist you with the manufacturing process.

Quality is our priority. We use high quality ingredients and our products are manufactured in the UK under GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) and ISO 9001 standards.

Buy in bulk and benefit from our scaled discount structure. Alternatively, purchase as few as one product at a time - we have no minimum orders.

The gummy market

The supplements market is a booming industry, showing significant growth year on year. This is largely due to an increasingly educated consumer base, when it comes to understanding the link between health and nutrition.

A fast-growing portion of that booming market is children's vitamins and supplements, and chewable "gummies" in particular.

These gummy vitamins have a pleasant taste and are easy for children to take on a daily basis. This is because they have a texture and taste similar to sweets and they can come in a variety of flavours, colours and shapes.

They appeal to children (as well as adults) who may not like, or may not be able to, swallow capsules or tablets, or who may be fussy eaters.

Private label gummies

We can even help you to create your own brand of children's gummies. We have a dedicated Own Label / private label service in-house.

Market-ready gummies or a custom formulation

If you are looking to start selling children's gummy vitamins, whether a market-ready product or your own bespoke formula, we can assist you.

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