Wholesale supplements for personal trainers

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Wholesale supplements for personal trainers and gyms

Are you a personal trainer or in the sports and fitness industry?

If you are a personal trainer, fitness instructor, sports coach or gym owner, you have an existing client base for the re-sale of wholesale supplements and health foods that you need to tap into!

You no doubt get questions from your clients on a daily basis that relate to diet and nutrition; you may even give out meal plans. Why not make the most of this and also recommend high quality food supplements (such as specialist meal shakes and nutrients-fortified protein powders) that could help them to achieve their health and fitness goals?

You could either re-sell our unique wholesale vitamins and supplements to earn extra income (under our branding or your own personalised labels), create your own custom formulas, or become an affiliate to earn commission - either way, you will be boosting your profits in no time.

Help your clients achieve their health goals

As a personal trainer or other member of the sports and fitness industry, you will most likely have three main priorities: (1) to attract a steady flow of customers, (2) to help those customers achieve their health goals (thereby building your reputation), and (3) to keep your existing customers coming back to you for more.

By providing them with easy access to high quality nutrients, you could be fulfilling all three priorities, by helping them to:

  • fuel their bodies correctly
  • increase their energy levels
  • increase their stamina
  • enhance their physical performance
  • lose weight healthily
  • improve their general health and well-being
  • increase their muscle mass
  • tone up
  • strengthen their immune systems
  • address any underlying digestive health issues
  • minimise the confusion they might otherwise face if choosing vitamins and supplements without guidance.

Attract new customers and sell more with your own range of health supplements

We have a wide range of wholesale health foods and natural food-based supplements for you to choose from, so that you can tailor your product offerings to your particular customer base (e.g. men, women, slimmers, athletes etc).

You have the option to re-sell our products under our label and branding or, if you are really serious about adding prestige to your business and service offering and encouraging customer loyalty, we can help you to create your own range of health supplements that feature your own personalised labels and branding.

Our Own Label service is so quick and easy. Within a matter of days, you could have your very own range of products that fit in with the rest of your business and will help you to stand out from your competitors.

For a small one-off fee, we will set up, design and print all of your labels for placed orders. We will even send orders of Own Label products directly to your customers for you (see our dropship service), so that you don't have to purchase stock in advance, store stock or worry about packing and posting.

No Specialist Supplements literature is included in dropshipped orders, so your customers will think the orders have come straight from you. Of course, you might prefer to sell the products to your customers face-to-face - it is entirely up to you.

Either way, there are no minimum order quantities

Unique wholesale supplements your customers won't easily find elsewhere

The best thing about becoming one of our trade customers and re-selling our wholesale supplements is that you will not be selling the bog-standard fare that your clients could quite easily buy on the high-street at prices you would never be able to compete with.

Instead, you will be selling highly specialist, multi-ingredient and cutting-edge health products that are both unique and more effective. Whether you decide to re-sell our entire offering of supplements, or just a select few product ranges, you will be benefitting from the years that we have invested in:

  • creating formulations that work
  • designing supplements that suit even restricted diets (such as vegans, vegetarians, gluten-free, dairy-free, sugar-free, organic etc)
  • sourcing the highest quality natural ingredients
  • selecting UK manufacturers that operate under GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) standards
  • bringing these products to market, ready to get selling immediately.

What's more, if you sell under your own branding, you can set your own retail price without concerns over same-brand price comparisons - extra profit for you!

Think BIG and cross-sell to increase your income!

Our best-selling wholesale supplements amongst personal trainers and other trade customers in the sports and fitness industry obviously tend to be products in our Protein Powders, Meal Shakes and Muscle & Sports ranges.

Unlike most other suppliers of protein powders and meal shakes, we differentiate our products by:

  • blending multiple ingredients for optimum nutrition: For example, we don't just sell hemp protein or pea protein; we sell hemp protein fortified with vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, Omega oils and other essential nutrients from 15 other superfoods and herbs. We sell pea protein fortified with phyto-nutrients from 9 herbs and superfoods.
  • creating 'free from' options: Today, dairy allergies, gluten sensitivites and other food intolerances are becoming increasingly common. You can tap into this lucrative market with our specialist products. You can offer your clients dairy-free, gluten-free, sugar-free and hypo-allergenic options that won't cause bloating, blocked noses, digestive problems and flatulence that many people experience with whey protein and other dairy-based powders. The vast majority of our products are also vegan, plus we have organic and kosher lines.
  • using natural ingredients free from added 'nasties': We make it a priority to use 'real food form' ingredients wherever possible, free from GMOs, artificial colourings, additives, preservatives, fillers, binders, excipients etc. The vast majority of our products are pure fill.

But why limit your earning potential? As well as re-selling our wholesale protein powders, light meal shakes and muscle and sports supplements, why not expand into our other product ranges? By approaching your clients' nutrition holistically, you can help them to achieve their goals in a faster time and with better results.

For example: digestive disorders can affect both weight and sporting performance; high-intensity exercise can deplete the body's antioxidant reserves; regular physical activity can take its toll on joints; a high toxic load can affect the immune system and energy levels. And the list goes on...

Check out our full range of products to see whether you could be cross-selling to earn extra income.

So why wait, if you are not yet one of our trade customers apply today - it is quick and easy to register! You will then have access to all product information and pricing on this members-only website.

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