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Wholesale boot camp supplies

Calling all personal trainers and fitness boot camp specialists! If you are looking to boost your profit margins, we have the perfect income opportunity for you.

Have you ever thought about re-selling wholesale supplements alongside your expert services? You have a captive audience in your existing client base - why not provide your customers with a full service offering, help them to achieve their health, weight and fitness goals more quickly (through a combination of exercise and tailored nutrition) and earn extra money at the same time?

We are UK-based suppliers of natural food supplements, health foods, meal replacements and protein powders at competitive trade prices, with excellent profit margins. With our help, you could be impressing your clients, standing out from your competitors and increasing your business turnover in no time.

Own label products

You can, of course, re-sell our products under our labels. However, if you already have a strong business brand, why not create your very own range of health supplements to match? We can help you do this!

For a small one-off fee, our dedicated in-house team can design personalised product labels for you that feature your company name, logo and colours. This will strengthen your brand, add prestige to your company, promote customer loyalty and help attract new business.

NO monthly fees! NO minimum orders! NO contracts.

You may already provide your customers with meal plans. Just think how fantastic it would be to also be able to offer them, for example, protein powders, meal replacements and weight loss supplements, that feature your own branding! These products can then be integrated into meal plans to help increase sales.

Set up your own white label range of health products, set your own re-sale price and earn extra income with little extra effort.

Marketing your boot camp supplements

Once you start re-selling our wholesale supplements, marketing them will be so easy.

Unique, high quality products...

You will be able to tell your customers that the health products they are buying contain only the highest quality ingredients, free from artificial 'nasties'. They are manufactured in the UK under GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) and ISO 9001 standards, and so are quality assured. The organic products have been certified by the Soil Association. All products are manufactured in the UK.

What's more, your customers won't easily be able to find these (or comparable) products in high-street stores. They are highly specialist and contain unique blends of multiple food and herbal ingredients, rather than the typical single-ingredient products you tend to find in the average health store. Our blends are designed to support multiple health goals simultaneously, including everything from digestive health and immunity boosting, to increased metabolism, fat burning and satiety, higher energy levels, stable blood sugar levels and enhanced stamina and performance.

What this means for you, is that your job will get easier! The combination of tailored nutrition and regular exercise will help your clients to achieve their specific health goals in the fastest time. You can even design personalised product 'packs' for individuals, to best meet their particular needs and aims. This will help you to cross-sell and maximise your income potential.

Got vegetarian or vegan clients, or those suffering from food allergies? This is no problem either - we have gluten-free, dairy-free, hypo-allergenic, vegetarian, vegan and organic ranges.

Marketing materials...

Whether you will be selling solely face-to-face, or through a website or store in addition, marketing materials and promotional advertising literature is a valuable means of selling to existing customers, as well as attracting new business.

We have a suite of free marketing materials that are available to our registered trade clients. However, if you would like a poster, products catalogue or other form of advertising with your personalised branding and featuring your own product labels, our in-house design team can produce these for you at very reasonable prices.

We can even supply you with images of your own label products to use in your marketing materials - no need to spend £££s on expensive photographers.

We provide an all-in-one service - everything you need to get your own range of health supplements started under one roof!

eCommerce website and dropship service...

Selling through a website is a great way of boosting your income, as you are increasing your exposure to potential customers. Even if you haven't historically had an online presence, we can help you to set up an eCommerce website and shopping cart quickly, easily and for a very reasonable fee. It will be pre-loaded with your own label products, descriptions and tags and will be fully manageable by you following handover.

If you are put off by the hassle of stock storage, inventory, packing and posting that goes along with online retailing, use our convenient dropshipping service! You sell, we ship - you simply send your customers' orders through to us and we dispatch them for you. The items are sent in discreet packaging, with no Specialist Supplements literature, so that your clients think the parcels have come straight from you!

You could be selling online in no time at all - yet another revenue stream, with minimal effort. Combine this with social media campaigns and your combined product and service offering could soon be going viral!

Register as a trade customer today!

Why wait? Apply for a trade account now - it is a quick and easy process. Be on your way to earning extra income in no time!

We look forward to working with you, and don't forget to connect to us on LinkedIn and for regular trade updates.

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