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Wholesale protein powders

A growing market...

In recent years, fitness programmes, gym memberships, bodybuilding, running clubs and personal training have all become increasingly popular. This has led to a corresponding increase in the popularity of specialist sports, fitness and weight management supplements.

Specialist Supplements Ltd is a premium supplier of private label protein powders, meal replacements and other supplements, health foods and herbal formulations for trade customers and health practitioners. We sell in bulk, although we do not specify minimum order quantities. Our wholesale prices are highly competitive and, coupled with the excellent quality of our private label products, offer great value for money.

Quality private label products...

We don't believe in the low quality "quick fix" supplements that you often find imported into the UK or on the high-street. Specialist Supplements private label supplements are manufactured in the UK, under quality assured GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) and ISO9001 standards.

Our private label protein powders and the other products in our sports, fitness and weight management ranges are specially designed to naturally boost the body's normal processes in order to:

  • improve physical performance
  • promote muscle repair and growth
  • and support increased stamina, strength and endurance,

while offering support to the body as a whole.

Stand out from the crowd...

One of the key elements of our wholesale protein powders and meal replacements (and one of the features most attractive to our trade customers) is the fact that they are unique blends. We hand-pick multiple superfoods, superfruits and herbs to accompany the primary plant protein ingredient, to offer comprehensive support of the whole body (including the digestive system, liver, lymphatic system and immune system). By approaching product formulation in this way, our products beat other single-ingredient protein powders hands-down and help the end-user to achieve multiple health goals through a single quick and easy shake.

What's more, our unique protein powders accommodate a variety of lifestyles and diets, including:

  • dairy-free
  • organic
  • diabetic
  • vegetarian
  • gluten-free
  • coeliac
  • GMO-free
  • vegan

Our protein powders are free from artificial 'nasties', plus they are dairy-free and gluten-free. In our experience, in this day and age when digestive disorders and food allergies are increasingly commonplace, there is high demand for specialist protein shakes, meal replacements and weight loss supplements that don't aggravate these conditions. We have therefore created a range of hypo-allergenic products that are easily digestible and don't lead to bloating, flatulence or blocked noses (so often associated with dairy or whey based protein powders).

Concentrated, high quality protein...

What's more, although all of our protein powders are vegan-friendly (made with plant protein), they still provide 'first class', complete protein with an excellent amino acid profile - another key element of our wholesale protein powders. If an athlete, slimmer or health-conscious individual is purchasing a protein powder, they usually want it to provide a high level of lean protein, that is low in calories, low in saturated fat, low in carbohydrates, yet high in nutrients. This is precisely what we provide.

Sell your own range of protein powders!

So, we have done the hard work for you - refined our protein powder and meal replacement formulations after years of industry experience and in response to customer feedback and latest research findings, resulting in unique products that work and that you won't find anywhere else.

As a registered trade customer, you can either re-sell our wholesale supplements under our label and branding, or if you wish to create your own range of private label protein powders and supplements, you can re-sell them under your own personalised branding.

Add prestige to your business; encourage customer loyalty; build your brand; and set your own re-sale price without concerns over same-brand price comparisons!

Our dedicated in-house Own Label team will design your personalised labels for you, using your company logo and colours - all for a small one-off fee. Once set up, your labels will be printed for free for all future purchases. We will even apply the labels for you, for orders that are dropshipped (sent by direct dispatch to your customers) by us.

No minimum order quantities apply for own label products - you can order 1 pot of private label protein powder or 1000!

We look forward to working with you, and don't forget to connect to us on LinkedIn and for regular trade updates.