White label health products

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What are white label health products?

In case you haven't come across the term before, 'white label’ simply refers to a product that has not yet been branded by the supplier - the container is 'white'.

In the context of the natural health industry, white label health foods, vitamins and supplements are wholesale products that can be re-sold under a company's own labels that have been personalised to include their logo, colours, branding, images etc.

White label health products are also sometimes referred to as private label supplements, own label products and own brand vitamins. These are all one and the same thing.

Re-sell our white label health products to boost your monthly income!

Many people choose to re-sell white label health products as a means of starting their own business or earning extra income, without the hassle of dealing with the sourcing and manufacturing process. The products come ready-made, in compliance with legal requirements and regulations, and are ready to be sold to the end-user once labels have been applied.

Just some of the many benefits of re-selling white label health products include the following:

  • you have a ready-made range of health foods and supplements that is unique to you
  • by using your own branding, you keep customers coming back to you (rather than your supplier or competitors)
  • you can build your brand and add prestige to your business
  • you can match your branding to your specific customer base and industry
  • you can set your own re-sale price (without worrying about same brand price comparisons), which means you can boost your profit margins
  • you can complement any existing service(s) that you provide.

How does the Specialist Supplements white label service work?

For a small one-off fee, we will set up your own labels for you - no monthly contracts, no minimum orders!

Our dedicated in-house team will provide you with a choice of design templates, which will then be used as the basis of your personalised labels, to include your company name, logo and colours.

You can choose to either use our existing product names or provide us with a list of original names of your own to really create your own unique range.

You will be provided with sample proofs and, once approved, the design will be applied across all of your labels. The Own Label setup fee includes the cost of printing FOR ALL FUTURE PURCHASES! The labels can even be applied for you in the case of dropshipped orders.

Quick, easy and an ideal income opportunity!

What type of white label health products are available to buy from you?

With the exception of our Practitioner Supplies (which include tinctures and creams), all of our wholesale supplements, vitamins, minerals and specialist health food products are available for re-sale under your own label. To view our full range, you need to be a registered trade customer - click here to apply, it is a quick and easy process.

In summary, our white label health products include everything from antioxidants, superfoods, vegan protein powders and dairy-free meal replacements, to high-strength probiotics, herbal colon cleansers, digestive aids, natural slimming pills and much more.

Our health products and food supplements come at highly competitive wholesale prices, offering excellent profit margins. Combined with the high quality of the ingredients used and our policy of NO MINIMUM ORDER QUANTITIES, we offer a comprehensive service to our trade customers that is fantastic value for money. You will be hard-pushed to find the equivalent anywhere else.

So why wait, register with us today and let us get working on your white label health products and supplements so that you can be trading in a matter of days!

We look forward to working with you, and don't forget to connect to us on LinkedIn and for regular trade updates.

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