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Obesity is a growing concern in the UK - no pun intended! 25% of adults and 10% of children are currently classified as obese and the numbers are still rising. This doesn't even take into account those who are simply overweight.

What this means for you as a re-seller (or prospective re-seller) of wholesale weight loss supplements and diet foods, is that you have a fast-growing market to tap into! Help your customers to achieve natural, healthy weight loss for the long-term with your own range of branded weight loss supplements and grow your business while you do it.

How you can tap into the natural weight loss industry

Not only does being overweight affect how people feel about themselves - more importantly, it has a huge impact on their health. It can affect everything from heart health, circulation, blood pressure and respiratory function, to digestion, nutrient absorption and the musculo-skeletal system. The risk of diabetes is also increased, and obesity reduces life expectancy by as much as 7 - 9 years. This is therefore usually an area where clients need little encouragement to purchase, provided they know that they are going to be getting quality products that work.

Whether you are a weight loss expert, dietician, nutritionist or simply an online retailer with no specific weight loss industry experience, you can help your customers to achieve their weight goals with our specialist range of trade price weight management supplements, diet foods, meal replacements, protein powders, vitamins and minerals. Your customers won't easily be able to find these products on the high-street!

Everyone knows that there is no 'quick fix' or magic pill for successful, healthy and long-term weight loss; the only way it can be achieved is through a commitment to wholesale dietary and lifestyle changes. It is your job to start educating your clients on this - help them to realise that aiming for optimum nutrition, and addressing underlying health conditions which could be posing an obstacle to their weight loss efforts (such as food allergies / intolerances etc), is the only way to achieve long-lasting results. But with the right tools at their disposal, the process can be made a whole lot easier! And you can give these to them...

For example, appetite is determined by the body's need for nutrients, and food cravings and hunger can therefore be made worse by nutritional deficiencies. This is why starvation diets do not work and can actually be detrimental to health, ultimately leading to bingeing and weight gain. Fuelling the body with a broad spectrum of nutrients on a daily basis helps to ensure that the body has what it needs to achieve its ideal weight. It also helps to ensure high energy levels (useful for increased physical activity), a faster metabolism, a stronger immune system and a lower toxic load - all key components of healthy weight loss.

Set up your own brand of weight loss supplements

If you are thinking of re-selling our wholesale weight loss supplements and diet foods, why not create your very own range to encourage customers to come back to you?! With your own personalised labels, you can ensure that the products suit your target market and fit into the general style of your business. You can also set your own retail price, without concerns over same-brand price comparisons.

For a small one-off fee, our in-house design team will create your customised labels using your company logo and business colours. Plus, there are:

NO contracts or monthly subscription fees
NO ongoing printing costs
NO minimum order quantities!

In a matter of days, and with only minimal financial outlay, you could have your very own weight loss range, along with your own label pot images to advertise your products on your website or other advertising materials.

Your own label weight loss range

Once you are a registered trade customer with us, you will have full access to the private areas of this members-only website. You will be able to browse the various product ranges that we offer, along with the trade prices.

When selecting the products that you wish to make up your own brand weight loss range, think BIG! If you are going to be educating your clients around the fact that healthy weight loss is more than just calorie intake and measurements, don't just stop at the products in our comprehensive Weight Management range. Why not cross-sell and increase your profits, with products from our other ranges, including:

  • Alkalising Products
  • Antioxidants
  • Cleanse and Detox
  • Diet Foods
  • Digestive System
  • Health Foods
  • Heart Health
  • Immune System
  • Meal Replacements
  • Omega Oils
  • Protein Powders
  • Superfoods
  • Women's Health

All of these ranges can positively impact on weight loss results because, as mentioned above, excess weight is often caused or aggravated by other underlying health conditions (such as digestive disorders, hormonal imbalances, malabsorption of nutrients, poor diet, food sensitivities, a high toxic load etc).

As such, weight loss should ideally be dealt with holistically. To this end, you could create your very own tailored weight management packs using combinations of our weight loss products plus products from other ranges. Log in to your account and click here for examples of our free ShapeUp Pack posters to help get you started or come up with ideas of your own and we can tailor the posters for you! Also use our product sales plans (including our ShapeUp Plan) for further guidance on ways to earn extra income through the booming weight loss industry!

Happy selling...

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