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Marketing health supplements

In any industry, it is vital to stand out from your competitors. Even more so if you are looking to re-sell wholesale health supplements and foods, as it is a booming industry and you need to stay ahead of the pack!

Why is marketing important when selling supplements?

Simply put, you won't succeed as a business unless you attract customers and then retain them. Having a clear, strong and ongoing marketing strategy will help you achieve this.

Once you introduce a new product or start a new range, you need to think about how you are going to sell it.

How are you going to convince a potential customer or returning customer to buy your supplements or health foods over a competitor's? What if your product is very similar to someone else's? How are you going to make it - or your company - stand out from everyone else?

What does marketing entail?

It can involve a wide range of different activities - here are just a few key examples:

  • Appearance - How does your company appear to a potential customer? If you were them, would you buy a product from you? And why not from a competitor? What makes your health supplements better than the ones on the high street?
  • Sales - Can customers easily buy your product? Do you have an online presence? In today's world, people have a very short attention span and very little time. You need to convert a sale quickly, so make it as easy for them to buy as possible.
  • Communication - Keep your customers updated, give them information, spread the word about your products and services and create a regular "buzz". Let them know why yours is the company to buy from.
  • Promotion - There are hundreds of ways to promote your business - and not all involve a lot of financial outlay. Take advantage of any free service, including the various free and low-cost marketing materials and services that we offer to our registered trade customers.
  • Loyalty - Just because you make a sale doesn't mean you should sit back. You need to retain that customer and prevent them from going elsewhere. Make them feel like they are part of something - bringing in customers is only the first part. You need to convert these potential customers into sales and then retain them as part of your company "family" or "community". Once you have repeat customers, you know you are heading in the right direction.

Where do you start?

  • Branding - A strong, recognisable company logo is a good place to start. You want people to remember you! Don't over-complicate things, and think about where it will appear - will it be easy to read on a small product? How will it look online or when printed? The most recognisable brands in the world have simple logos. Think about the colours of your branding - you can use your branding across all other marketing and on product design. Is your company name memorable? Does it have a clear message?
  • Products - Ensure that the products are high quality to keep the customers coming back for more - Specialist Supplements products are tried and tested, and produce the required results. You also need to make sure that what you are selling looks great. Do your products follow your branding? Having your own range of products (the private label option) will add prestige to your company and protect your customer loyalty.
  • Website - No modern business would be complete without the ability to sell online. You will be tapping into a goldmine of potential customers, without the expense of physical floor space. A well-designed website is crucial - it needs to be easy to navigate so customers don't get lost or overwhelmed. What you are selling should not be confusing to a customer. The website has to look professional - try and put yourself in their position - would you buy from your site if you were them? Is it a quick and easy process? Think also about the design elements. Banners and imagery can promote your products, sales or company messages. Make it easy for the customer to understand what you are selling - visuals will help this. A slick looking website will instil trust and this will extend to the way they see your products as well. Fill your site with relevant content and the search engines are more likely to pick you up, and with that bring in more traffic - and importantly, potential customers. Think about what your customers will be searching for, and use these keywords and descriptions in your text.
  • Marketing materials - Promote your products and business with posters, flyers, catalogues, business cards and other printed items. An eye-catching poster will stand out from all the others. Show off! Have something on sale? Have a new product? Tell everyone about it!
  • Company voice - You need a consistent company message. Think of a catchy company tagline, statement or ethos - expand this in the rest of the voice you have across your products, your website and everywhere else. This is a really important element in increasing customer retention - make your customer feel like they are part of something. An easy way to achieve this is through your social media community.
  • Social media - In the last decade, the way people communicate has completely changed. Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, for example, have become an integral part of peoples' personal and business lives. Companies now need to show they are in touch will all consumers. Even if social media is not something you tend to get involved with, it is essential for your business to thrive. These accounts are easy to set up and manage and provide you with an even easier way to keep in touch and have a direct line to your customers. They also give the impression to new customers that you are "in touch". The majority of young consumers now live their lives through their mobiles, and this includes online shopping! You need to be part of this too.

If you would like help with your marketing, please take a look at our great value services, including own label design, personalised e-commerce websites, bespoke poster design, company logo design, social media banners, stories and much more! We have years of experience in this industry and know what it takes to stand out.

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