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With our help, setting up your own range of health supplements is as easy as 'A, B, C'...

What are white label supplements?

White label supplements are basically unbranded 'white' pots of wholesale vitamins, minerals, health supplements, health foods etc. They have not been branded with the manufacturer's label, so that re-sellers are able to display their own labels and branding on the products.

How do I set up my own supplement brand?

Specialist Supplements Ltd’s services extend far beyond the supply of high quality wholesale foods and supplements; we provide our registered trade customers with everything they need to build their own supplement brand, including own label products, dropshipping, turnkey websites, bespoke marketing materials and more - all under one roof!

Setting up your own personalised labels couldn't be easier, with the help of our dedicated in-house design team:

STEP 1: Read the Own Label FAQs and the Dropship FAQs (available once you are a registered trade customer).

STEP 2: Choose and purchase the Own Label setup that best suits your requirements, i.e. Own Label Setup only, or the Own Label Setup Bundle (which includes generated pot images).

STEP 3: After you have paid the small one-off fee for your preferred Own Label option, we send you an email with the information we require from you to get started.

And there you have it, you could have your own unique range of health supplements quickly and easily! Plus, there are no minimum order requirements, contracts or monthly fees to worry about...

How long will it take to set up my own range?

Our aim is to get you trading as quickly as possible and so we have a very fast turn-around time for the setup of own label.

Subject to our current workload, as well as how quickly you provide us with the required information, we normally provide you with own label proofs within 2 - 4 working days. Completion of labels then normally take between 5 - 7 working days.

This is a highly discounted service, designed to get your new range created cheaply and quickly. We offer a choice of designs (which are then personalised with your colours and logo), but should you require a greater level of design customisation, you have the option to supply us with your own artwork (in the required dimensions). We will then use this to set up your personalised labels, at no extra charge.

Who usually opts for own label?

We have a wide range of trade customers across the world and in various sectors, including colonic hydrotherapists, nutritionists, homeopaths, naturopaths, kinesiology practitioners, personal trainers, gym instructions, detox clinics, weight loss centres, independent health shops, online retailers, small home businesses, juice bars, entrepreneurs, herbalists and more. We have own label customers in all of these groups, as it is an option that could suit any profession or onward target customer base.

Why is it better to sell under my own label?

Although you have the option to re-sell our wholesale supplements under our labels and branding, most trade customers choose to re-sell under their own label. Why?

Well, by setting up your own supplement brand, you are able to:

  • directly promote your business
  • encourage customer loyalty and repeat business
  • add prestige to your company / service offering
  • match the branding to your target market
  • set your own re-sale price, without concerns over same-brand price comparisons
  • make your products stand out from the crowd.

For entrepreneurs looking to boost their monthly income and profit margins, the own label option is a no-brainer!

What do I do next?

Work with a market leader in the natural health and wholesale supplements industry who can take your entrepreneurial ideas and turn them into a fully operating business in the shortest time possible.

Specialist Supplements Ltd's exceptional services offer great value for money and our products offer impressive profit margins. Register as a trade customer now - it is a quick and easy process and you will be glad you did!

We look forward to working with you, and don't forget to connect to us on LinkedIn and for regular trade updates.

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