Supplements resale

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Supplements resale

How to become a supplements reseller

If you are looking to start your own health supplements business, selling high-quality products with good profit margins on resale, your first step is to find a wholesale supplements manufacturer and supplier.

Unless you are experienced in the industry, a qualified nutritionist and well-versed in the legalities around the production, packaging and labelling of health supplements and foods, it is unlikely that you are going to want to formulate and produce your own products. This is a complex, time-consuming and (with minimum runs) expensive process.

For the vast majority of supplement sellers, it makes far more sense to select a supplements wholesaler with a ready-formulated range, which can then simply be re-branded to feature your company details, product name, label design etc (the private label option). This way, you get a product range that it unique to you and your business, but without the hassles associated with ground level formulation and manufacture and then bringing those products to market.

Here is a summary of how to get started as a supplements reseller quickly and easily...

1. Find a wholesale supplements manufacturer

The selection of your wholesale supplements manufacturer is arguably the most important decision you will make when setting up your supplements venture or expanding your existing range. This is because it will determine the quality of your product offering, your stock level assurance, your rate of customer return, your profit margins and, ultimately, your success.

Specialist Supplements Ltd is a wholesale supplements manufacturer and supplier that you can trust. We have been in business for over 20 years, are based in the UK and our products are manufactured here - under GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) and ISO 9001 standards. Our organic range is also Soil Association certified. We are very careful in the selection of our suppliers (especially the sourcing of our many food-based ingredients), and we have well-established relationships with partners we can trust and rely on.

We have a comprehensive range of nutritional supplements, health foods and herbal formulations, able to meet the demands of most consumer streams (including the more specialist, niche streams, such as vegetarian, vegan, kosher, organic and 'free from' sectors).

Our products come ready-formulated (in line with latest nutritional findings, consumer trends and product innovations) and many come with EFSA approved (and therefore scientifically validated) health claims. Our wholesale supplements also come ready-packaged for you - in white letterbox friendly flat pots (for the capsules) and round white tubs (for the powders).

2. Pick your supplements for resale

The best thing about choosing to use a wholesale supplements supplier with a ready-to-go range of products is that you have the flexibility to pick and choose the products you wish to resell.

You may have a particular type of supplement or health food in mind, or a particular target market. Alternatively, you may choose to resell the entire range (recommended) for mass market appeal and the greatest customer base potential. This latter approach is the one most often adopted by health store owners, online retailers and health practitioners (such as nutritionists, dietitians, personal trainers etc).

The Specialist Supplements Ltd range of products can satisfy virtually any health goal, and with our 'no minimum orders' policy, you can easily test the market with little (if any) risk.

If you are already an established retailer, why not buy from us in bulk and benefit from our generous scaled discount structure.

For full details of our products (including specifications), trade prices and discounts, register here. There are no contracts or obligations.

3. Rebrand your supplements for resale

For the vast majority of resellers, while they wish to avoid the hassles and expense of formulating and manufacturing supplements, they still want a range of products that is unique to their business.

Top priorities are usually: to have packaging that matches or fits in with their company (allowing them to thereby build their brand); to protect customer loyalty; and to have the freedom to set the retail price at a level of their choice, without concerns over same-brand price comparisons - this usually results in higher profit margins.

All of these things are satisfied by the private label / own label option. If these are terms you are not familiar with, they simply mean that your own personalised labels (with your logo/company name, product names, design, contact details etc) are applied to the wholesaler's blank white tubs. It therefore appears to the outside world that the products have been manufactured by you and are unique to your business. This makes it harder for customers to go elsewhere.

Specialist Supplements Ltd is unique as a wholesale supplements supplier in that we offer an in-house own label service. Not only does this save time (as you are only having to deal with one supplier for all of your wholesale supplement needs), it also saves you money.

We charge a small, one-off fee for creating and setting up your own product labels. We then print these free of charge for all subsequent product orders from us. Best of all, your labels are always kept up-to-date with the latest product information (ingredients and labelling laws, for example, change from time to time).

You have the option of selecting one of our design templates (which is then personalised with your details and colour scheme), or you can supply us with your own artwork in our required dimensions.

You could have your very own range of branded supplements in a matter of days! Alternatively, you could simply choose to resell our products under our own Specialist Supplements Ltd branding.

4. Get selling

So, once you have registered with us, selected the supplements you wish to resell and decided on your branding, you are ready to get selling.

You may choose to do this:

  • via an e-commerce website (we can build one for you, preloaded with product images and descriptions)
  • through a shop
  • face-to-face.

The choice is yours! And you don't even have to worry about the logistics of order fulfillment if you don't want to - we offer a free direct dispatch service (technically referred to as dropshipping), to all of our customers. As soon as you are registered with us, you gain automatic access to this no-fee service. All you pay is the postage (as if you were posting the item yourself); we do not charge an admin fee.

By making use of our dropship service, we handle all aspects of order fulfillment for you including: stock inventory and storage, picking, labelling, packing and posting - direct to your customer from our warehouses. Best of all? Your customer will think the order has come from you, as we never include any Specialist Supplements Ltd branding or literature anywhere in the order or packaging. Your customer loyalty is still protected (especially if you sell under your own label - see above).

As with product orders and our own label service, there are no minimum order quantities associated with our dropship service - we can dispatch as few as 1 item at a time for you.

Sound good? Create a trade account with us now. We look forward to working with you.

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