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Sick of your current job? Need extra cash? Wish you could work from home? These are common sentiments. The trouble is, it can be difficult to come up with a viable business idea - particularly one which doesn't require significant financial outlay or specific expertise.

The realities of everyday life often mean that it simply isn't possible to take the risk involved in a full-scale career change. But what if you could start your own home business, without laying out much (if any) cash and without any requirements for (for instance) industry experience, staff, storage, pre-bought stock, inventory, your own fulfilment and other resources?

We have a home business solution which makes this possible!

The perfect home business idea!

Become a re-seller of our top quality wholesale supplements - it's as simple as that. It is FREE to sign up and, once you are approved as a trade customer (normally within 24 hours), how you proceed is up to you!

There are:

  • NO mandatory monthly charges
  • NO hidden fees
  • NO minimum orders
  • NO cross-range order restrictions
  • NO commitments!

If you want to get selling straight away, without any financial outlay, you can do so. Just re-sell our products under our branding. We have a premium range of food supplements, health foods and herbal formulations to suit a variety of health goals. What's more, these are specialist products which can't readily be found on the high-street - giving you a competitive edge.

We provide our customers with a ready-made, ready-formulated, tried and tested range of products - just start selling to start earning! Our supplements come at highly competitive trade prices (available following registration), which offer excellent profit margins on re-sale.

And how you sell is also up to you - sell to friends, host 'parties' to sell out of your own home, sell through your existing store or through your website. Because we don't specify minimum order quantities (unlike most other wholesale supplement suppliers), you can order 1 product from us at a time as and when you make sales. There is no need to make purchases in advance of sales - great for home business cash flow!

When you make a sale, simply send us the order (through your personal trade account) and we can then either send the product(s) to you, or directly to your customer at no extra charge! Either way, all you pay is the postage.

Our convenient, no-fee dropship service (the direct dispatch option) is ideal for home businesses, as it means that you don't have to purchase stock in advance, store stock, label products or worry about shipping. We take care of all this for you. Best of all, your client will think the order has been dispatched by you, thereby protecting your hard-earned customer loyalty.

And there you have it, a ready-made business complete with products and an easy fulfilment solution. All you have to do is sell the products and then take the profit from those sales, with none of the hassles inbetween.

What if I want to create my own branded range?

If you would rather sell our products under your own labels and branding (referred to as the 'private label' or 'white label' option), you can do that too - we have a cheap, quick and easy Own Label service. For a small, one-off fee our in-house design team can work with you to produce labels that feature your own logo, business name, unique product names and colours.

You can have your very own range of health supplements in a matter of days, which are unique to you and your business. The advantage of opting for your own labels is the freedom to, for example, set your own re-sale prices without fears over same-brand price comparisons (which means bigger profit margins for you); build your own brand; promote customer loyalty and repeat business; target specific markets through your label design.

Our no minimum order policy and no-fee dropship service still applies to own label products!

I want to sell online but don't have a website

Selling online is one of the best ways to reach the maximum number of prospective customers. It also helps to keep overheads down, i.e. no rent associated with shop space, no staff required etc.

If you choose to build your own website, we can provide you with basic product information with which to populate it (free of charge). If you are selling under our branding, we will also provide you with pot images that you can display on the site. Alternatively, if you are selling under your own labels, you can purchase our Own Label Bundle, which includes pot images!

Don't have the time, inclination or expertise to build your own website? Why not take advantage of our competitively-priced ready-to-go e-Commerce websites? Our in-house web design team can build you a personalised shopping cart website, which comes preloaded with your products, descriptions, meta tags etc and features your branding. Everything you need to get selling online, quickly and easily!

The site will be user-friendly, fully editable and fully manageable by you. Following handover, you have full control.

What's the best way to market your products?

How you sell and market the products is entirely up to you, but we do everything we can to assist you. For example, we provide all trade customers with a number of free resources (including a Buyer's Guide, product information spreadsheets, product fact sheets and specifications and even product posters and marketing materials - ready for download and print).

We also have a range of marketing services, which are tailored to our products and the natural health industry. These include personalised product catalogues, posters and flyers, SEO services (including web page content, analytics and webmaster tools setup), social media services and much more.

Whether you are re-selling our products in person, online or through a physical store, we have a range of add-on services that can help you. This way, you can deal with just one supplier for all your wholesale supplement needs!

I want all this - what's the quickest, easiest and cheapest way to get started?

If you want our products, your own labels, a website and branded marketing materials, the cheapest, quickest and easiest way to get your new supplements business started is to purchase our 'Start a Business' pack. All this is included and you save money, compared to buying these items individually.

Within just a couple of weeks, you could have your own branded supplements business ready to trade online and in person!

What next?

So, how much you spend and how fast you progress is up to you. Make use of some or all of our services; buy in bulk (and benefit from our scaled discounts) or buy 1 product at a time; sell under our branding or your own; sell just some or all of our products - there are no restrictions.

To get started, simply complete our brief registration form. Once approved (usually within a day), you will have full access to the private areas of this members-only website (including full product and pricing information).

We look forward to working with you, and don't forget to connect to us on LinkedIn and for regular trade updates.

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