Whole foods dropshipping

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Wholesale whole foods for dropshipping

Wholesale whole foods

As leading wholesale supplement suppliers in the UK, we have a comprehensive range of quality whole food products available for dropshipping direct to your customers - no stock inventory or storage, labelling, packing or posting for you. Supplement selling made easy! You even have the option to resell our wholesale whole foods under our branding or your own personalised white labels - see more below.

All this without any minimum order quantities, cross-range restrictions, contracts, mandatory monthly fees or commitments. All you need to do to get started is register - a free, quick and easy process.

Your market for whole foods

Our natural, high-quality whole food supplements are packed with a broad range of nutrients from superfoods, superfruits, herbs, vitamins and minerals - all in natural food form wherever possible, for maximum absorption and utilisation by the body and, therefore, greatest efficacy. We pride ourselves on the purity of our products and avoid the use of artificial additives, preservatives, fillers, binders, excipients and other added nasties. For full product specifications, please register.

Our whole foods are ideal for anyone wanting to maintain a healthy lifestyle or boost their immunity, but because of their comprehensive formulations, they can also be used to support a wide variety of more specific health goals (such as digestive health, weight loss, muscle gain, athletic performance etc).

We even offer organic, vegetarian, vegan, kosher, dairy-free, gluten-free, sugar-free, yeast-free and other options within our whole foods range, giving our customers the edge against their competitors in the marketplace.

The specialist nature of our whole foods and other supplements gives you the opportunity to target both mass markets and niche markets simultaneously, or as you see fit. This offers you the greatest sales potential and, with our excellent trade prices and healthy profit margins on resale, you will be boosting your monthly income in no time! Full trade prices are available on request - simply complete this brief form.

Dropship whole foods

As mentioned above, we are unique wholesale suppliers in that we are able to dropship our whole foods and other health supplements direct to your customers free of charge - all you pay is the postage, as you would if you were handling your own order fulfilment!

We offer this no-fee direct dispatch service to our trade customers because it means that supplements resale can become a reality for even those who:

  • don't have a physical store or storage space for bulk inventory
  • work on a mobile basis
  • wish to sell whole foods and supplements on a part-time basis for extra cash
  • are just starting out
  • have cashflow issues that would prohibit bulk purchasing or purchases in advance of sales
  • don't want to deal with the hassles of order fulfilment.

Our aim is to make it as easy as possible for you to sell our products and make a profit for yourself. We have even chosen letterbox-friendly flat pot packaging for the majority of our products, to reduce postage costs to the absolute minimum for our dropshippers (thereby increasing your profit margins).

Click here to find out more about our fast, efficient and reliable dropship service.

White label whole foods

As you will see when exploring our website, we have our own long-established brand of products that we sell directly to the retail sector. You therefore have the option to take advantage of our standing in the marketplace, by reselling under our labels and our product names, or you can start your very own range.

We offer an in-house Own Label design service, which means that you can have your own set of personalised product labels for a very reasonable, one-off fee. You can either supply your own artwork for us to use, or you can choose from one of our design templates (which is then personalised with your logo, colours, product names and contact details). Within a matter of days, you could have your own whole foods and supplements brand!

Most of our customers choose to resell our wholesale whole foods and supplements under their own white labels / private labels, because this option offers:

  • the ability to build your brand and add prestige to your business
  • the oppotunity to tailor your packaging to match your company and target market
  • the ability to set your own resale prices (without worrying about same-brand price comparisons) and therefore the chance to earn higher profit margins
  • the ability to protect your hard-earned customer loyalty and promote repeat business (as your contact details, web address etc are on the labels, rather than those of the manufacturer).

It's so quick and easy to get your own range of white label whole foods and supplements up and running. Simple register with us and then purchase your preferred package - that's it!

Become a whole foods dropshipper

Whether you choose to buy in bulk or become a dropship customer, sell under our labels or your own branding, selling our wholesale whole foods is so easy and profitable.

To get started, create a trade account with us - a free, quick and easy process. You will then gain full access to the private areas of this members-only website, including full product information, trade prices, resources and service information. All registered trade customers automatically qualify to use our dropship service - there is nothing else to do.

We look forward to working with you, and don't forget to connect to us on LinkedIn and for regular trade updates.

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