An easy way to earn extra money...

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The idea

We've all done it - daydreamed about being our own boss and running our own little business from home, particularly when having that really bad day at work! The trouble is, thinking of that perfect idea...

What can you do to earn extra money that doesn't require:

  • industry experience
  • large financial outlay
  • a huge amount of time and resources
  • taking a risk?

Most people are put off from starting their own enterprise because of these initial, and very real, concerns. But we can make your dream a reality, by helping you to start your own home business quickly, easily and with minimal financial outlay.

How? It's simple. You become one of our trade customers - registration is FREE and there are no monthly fees or any hidden charges. You then start to re-sell our wholesale supplements.

No experience necessary
Although helpful, no background in the natural health industry is required, because we have done all the hard work for you. We have formulated and manufactured a high quality and specialist range of food supplements, health foods and herbal products, which are fully compliant with UK law. You simply read our product literature and decide which of our supplements you would like to re-sell. We even provide you with free marketing materials, to get you started!

No advance financial outlay - cash flow friendly
We have a no minimum order policy too, so if cash flow is an issue in the early days of your new business, you are not obliged to purchase in bulk. You can place orders with us as and when you start to receive them from your own customers, 1 pot at a time.

No fulfilment hassles
We offer a no fee dropship service, which you can use for the dispatch of your products to your customers. In other words, we can label, pack and post orders for you! No worrying about fulfilment and no wasting time queuing at the post office! You simply sell, pay a small postage fee and we ship.

Want your own branding - no worries!
If you want to create your own unique range of products, we can do that for you too. Simply use our one-off fee Own Label service to re-brand our products as your own. With your own logo, company colours and product names, you will have a range that is unique and personal to you. This will allow you to earn extra money, because you can set your own re-sale prices without concerns over same-brand price comparisons. Bigger profit margins for you!

Competitive trade prices, great profit margins
We keep our prices low, but our quality high, to help our trade customers earn extra money. There are excellent profit margins on all of our products and, the more you buy the more you save with our scaled discount structure for bulk purchases.

No store or website?
One of the most prohibitive expenses of starting a new business is setting up a base from which to sell your products. If you would like to sell online but don't want to spend thousands of pounds on web design, we can set you up with an inexpensive ready-to-trade eCommerce website, which is pre-loaded with images and descriptions of your products. Be up and selling in no time!

We've done everything possible to help our trade customers to earn extra money - simply use our products and services...

Open to everyone

As already mentioned, this income opportunity is open to absolutely anyone. All you need is a little entrepreneurial spirit. We sell our wholesale white label supplements to everyone from colonic hydrotherapists, naturopaths, herbalists and other qualified health practitioners, to independent health stores, detox clinics, online retailers, mobile sellers and small home business owners.

We distribute our products in the UK and throughout Europe, and dropship across the world.

Quick, easy and flexible

The structure of our service offering (including our no minimum order policy, no monthly fees or commitments, dropship service etc) means that re-selling our wholesale private label supplements is easy and flexible.

You can fit re-sale around your lifestyle, including any existing work and family commitments. It is not necessary to have storage space, administrative resources or massive amounts of time. Many of our trade customers choose to make this a part-time venture, while it gets off the ground.

Start earning extra money now!

So what are you waiting for - start to make your dream of owning your own business a reality by registering as a trade customer now! It is FREE, quick and easy - you simply complete a brief form. Approval normally takes around 24 hours. You can then be on the road to earning extra money...

We look forward to working with you, and don't forget to connect to us on LinkedIn and for regular trade updates.