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Not happy with your job?

Wish you could work from home and be your own boss, setting your own working hours?

If so, you are not alone! This is, of course, the dream for many people. However, making this dream a reality is usually a huge challenge without a great idea and significant financial outlay. Even with an idea and capital behind you, starting your own business can be high risk.

So how do you make your own business dream come true?

What to sell

Firstly, you are faced with the question of what to sell.

Well, high-quality health foods and supplements are perfect for small home businesses and for boosting your monthly income. Why? For one thing, the natural health industry is booming. It is estimated that the natural products industry in the UK alone is presently worth £750.4m! And this will only continue to grow as more and more people become aware of the link between nutrient intake and long-term health, including the role of organic nutrients, food allergies, obesity etc.

If you are thinking "I don't have any experience in this industry", don't worry - we are the perfect partners to guide you! We have over 2 decades' experience in the healthcare market and have formulated a specialist range of high quality health foods and supplements that you can re-sell as you own, under your own branding.

In other words, you can quickly and easily set up your very own range of health products without having to worry about coming up with your own (legally compliant) formulations, sourcing the ingredients, laying out £££s on minimum manufacture runs etc.

You simply decide which of our unique ranges to re-sell and off you go - market-ready and reflective of current consumer demand and trends.

We can create your labels for you, to help you build your new business brand and keep customers coming back to you.

How to sell it

If you already have your own shop, clinic or practice, great - you can sell your new range of products directly to your customers. However, if this is a totally new venture for you, you are going to be working from home and/or you wish to increase your income potential, the easiest way to access the greatest number of potential customers is by selling your health foods and supplements online

The key advantages of having a web-based business are:

  • you keep your overheads to a minimum
  • you can reach a wider audience of prospective customers
  • word about your fantastic product range can spread more easily (e.g. through shares and social media)
  • and you don't have to store stock and keep inventory.

But what if you don't have the time, knowledge or resources to build your own website and you don't want to spend £££s on web design? We can help you with that too! We can design and build a ready-to-go e-commerce website for you. The site will be personalised with your branding (e.g. your logo, colours etc), pre-loaded with images of your own label products, and will contain product descriptions and SEO-friendly tags. When you take control of the site, you will be ready to start trading immediately. We can even link your site up to social media accounts.

Plus, if it takes a little time for those orders to start rolling in, don't worry - there are no monthly subscription fees or minimum orders with our Own Label service. You simply place orders with us as and when you receive orders from your own customers, so there is no financial outlay on stock unless you choose to buy in bulk. You charge your customers the RRP and we charge you our competitive wholesale prices, giving you a healthy profit margin.

How to post orders

Many people find the thought of having to keep stock, take inventory, pack and post out orders either a bit daunting or a huge hassle. The process takes up space, time and resources and requires a working knowledge of Royal Mail's rules and rates. If you would prefer to concentrate on core business activities rather than admin of this sort, you can take advantage of our fast, convenient and reliable dropshipping service. This fulfillment solution is provided free of charge by us (all you pay is the postage) and it means that you don't have to lay out money on stock before making your own sales.

We keep the stock and dispatch orders directly to your customers for you. With our dropship service, your customers are none-the-wiser. They will think the orders have come straight from you, because we do not include any Specialist Supplements literature or paperwork. You can even include personalised delivery notes and order messages (such as discount codes), should you wish to.

What could be simpler?

How to market your products

To spark interest in your products, to attract new business and keep existing customers coming back for more, it is important to actively market your products on an ongoing basis. This could take the form of business cards, email campaigns, website banners, posters, flyers, a products catalogue etc. We have a range of FREE marketing materials for our trade customers to use. However, if you would like personalised marketing materials with your own branding, we can do this for you too at a very reasonable rate.

Sounds perfect - how do I get started?

If you are keen to get your supplements business up and running as soon as possible, our Start a Business pack is for you! It includes everything you need to get started in one easy bundle and offers you the best value for money. Alternatively, you can purchase Own Label, a website and marketing materials individually, as and and when you are ready.

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