Own Label Supplements

Own Label Supplements

Want a cheap and easy way to set up your own brand of high quality vitamins, minerals, herbal formulations and food supplements?

Check out the articles in the Own Label Supplements category of our blog for top tips on how to get started without any hassle or large financial outlay!

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With our help and personalised white labels, it is so simple to establish your own unique product range. Stand out from your competitors, add prestige to your company and build your own professional brand by re-selling our products under your own customised branding. For a small one-off fee, we will set up, design and print all of your labels for placed orders. We will even dropship own label orders!

  • NO large outlay on printing costs
  • NO large stock purchases
  • NO contracts - only a small initial set-up fee.

Low cost own brand startup:

We offer a low cost, quick turnaround and bespoke own label branding service for resellers who wish to start their own health foods and organic products...

Posted by in Wholesale Supplements, Who are you?, Own Label Supplements on September 13, 2018 .

Private label for sport supplement brands

Demand for sports and related nutritional supplements continues to grow at an ever-increasing rate, largely because these products have become far...

Posted by in Supplement Dropshipping, Own Label Supplements on February 22, 2018 .

Your one-stop-shop for own label supplements fulfilment

Specialist Supplements Ltd has over 20 years’ experience in formulating, manufacturing, packaging, private labelling and supplying...

Posted by in Wholesale Supplements, Supplement Dropshipping, Own Label Supplements on November 27, 2017 .

Wholesale Ashwagandha root supplier

Specialist Supplements Ltd is a UK-based supplier of wholesale herbals, health foods and food supplements for practitioners and other resellers...

Posted by in Own Label Supplements on October 17, 2017 .

Looking to establish your own brand of herbal products, natural health food supplements and/or protein powders? Start your own business or earn extra income by selling our range of high quality...

Posted by in Own Label Supplements on July 12, 2017 .

Private label supplements - our products, your branding!

Specialist Supplements Ltd is a leading supplier of private label supplements in the UK, servicing customers both at home and abroad....

Posted by in Own Label Supplements on May 08, 2017 .

Private label

If you are looking for a supplier of UK-made, quality assured private label health foods and supplements, look no further. Specialist Supplements Ltd specialises in helping...

Posted by in Own Label Supplements on December 19, 2016 .

Sell your 'own label' product supplements

If you've ever wished that you could set up your very own range of health supplements, vitamins and/or health foods, but not been sure where to start, our...