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Custom wholesale supplements supplier

Specialist Supplements Ltd is an experienced supplements wholesaler, based in the heart of Wales.

Trading for almost a quarter of a century, we...

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Stuck for an idea?

Not sure how to make money from home?

No matter what your circumstances, qualifications, background or work / family commitments, we have a business model for you that...

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UK supplement manufacture and supply

Specialist Supplements Ltd is a UK-based supplements wholesaler and industry leader in private label supplements supply.

Trading for over two decades,...

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Established supplier

If you are looking to start or expand your own range of supplements, Specialist Supplements is an industry leader and expert in private label supply.

Trading for...

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We can ship your supplement orders direct to Amazon FBA.

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Specialist Supplements

Specialist Supplements Ltd is a long-established UK-based wholesaler of health supplements, specifically formulated with practitioners in mind.

Supplying health...

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What are private label supplements?

Private label supplements are products created by one company (i.e. Specialist Supplements Ltd), to be sold under the branding of another company / person...

Create your own custom supplements

So you want to create your very own custom supplements formula?

Perhaps that's because you have a particular target market in mind, are looking to...