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We have a comprehensive range of wholesale colon cleanse products, which includes herbal colon cleansers, bowel support formulas, herb-free 'oxy' colon cleansers, dietary fibre blends, probiotics and other herbal formulations, designed to support healthy bowel function, increased peristalsis and reduced digestive transit time.

Wholesale colon cleansers available from Specialist Supplements Ltd:

  • COL-Clear formulas (herbal colon cleansers, based on formulas by master herbalist, Dr. John R. Christopher - COL-Clear A and COL-Clear B)
  • Dietary Fibre Complex (a multi-fibres blend in capsules derived from fig fruit, prune juice, psyllium husk, sugar beet - for faecal bulk - and other high fibre foods and herbs)
  • Fibre & Full (psyllium husk based colon cleansing and weight loss powder, with glucomannan, sugar beet fibre, prebiotics, probiotics and more)
  • Home Enema Kit (a 2 litre capacity boxed Enteroclisma FullWash home enema kit for personal use)
  • InternaCALM (a Saccharomyces boulardii yeast probiotic - 5 billion strength, PLUS olive leaf extract, vitamin D3 and biotin for additional immunity, inflammation response and mucous membrane support)
  • Gut-Buddies Infantis Complex (a children's multi-strain probiotic powder - 1 billion strength)
  • Multi-Flora ProBio (an 8 strain probiotic - 4 billion strength)
  • Nat-Lax TNT (a fast-acting, powerful herbal colon blend, with sugar beet fibre, glucomannan, rhubarb, barberry bark and more)
  • Oxy-Klenz (a magnesium based bowel hydration formula, with natural digestives, FOS, sugar beet fibre and other nutrients to support faecal bulk and normal bowel function)
  • P-Cleanse (a herbal gastrointestinal cleanse formula)
  • ProBio MAX (an 8 strain probiotic - 20 billion practitioner strength)
  • and more!

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About colon cleansing

Nutritional medicine places much emphasis on the state of the colon in terms of overall health and well-being. Its main role in digestion is to extract water from the waste material travelling through it - a fully-functioning, healthy colon will absorb water and will have efficient peristalsis throughout its length, performing a bowel movement two or three times per day (depending on the number of meals eaten). Ideally, it should perform the vital function of eliminating harmful wastes and toxins promptly. If stored too long in the system, such wastes and toxins can give rise to diverse problems throughout the body.

Due to a wide range of factors - particularly poor diet - there is is now a high prevalence of digestive disorders. As such, incomplete digestion of foods, with fermentation and putrefaction, are relatively common. It is essential to remove deposits and debris from the colon at regular intervals, even for those with good digestion. However, this becomes even more important where there is a back-up in the digestive system and, in particular, where sticky and even hardened deposits are in the 'pockets' along the walls of the bowel.

Why you should be re-selling our wholesale colon cleanse supplements

Our range of wholesale colon cleansers, bowel support formulas, high-strength probiotics and other digestive aids are particularly popular with colonic hydrotherapists, to complement their treatments (before, during and after sessions). However, with the broad potential customer base, these products are also best-sellers for digestive health experts, naturopaths and herbalists, as well as general online retailers.

Whether you are a qualified health practitioner or other trade customer, help your clients to cleanse and detoxify their colon for better health!

Own label colon cleansers

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