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We have a comprehensive range of wholesale muscle mass and sport supplements, which includes concentrated plant protein powders, antioxidants, amino acids, meal replacements and Omega oils.

Wholesale muscle and sport supplements available from Specialist Supplements Ltd:

  • Antarctic Krill Oil (500mg capsules - a great source of omega 3, phospholipids and the antioxidant astaxanthin, in easy-to-take capsules)
  • CherryBeet (a concentrated blend of beetroot and Montmorency cherry (4500mg), plus vitamin B6, turmeric (95% curcumin) and black pepper in capsules)
  • GreeNourish Complete (a high-fibre organic foods blend, with over 35 ingredients including green foods, vegetables, fruits, berries, herbs, mushrooms and seeds PLUS bio-active enzymes in a single powder)
  • Happy-Flex Combination (a combination of bioavailable glucosamine HCl, MSM, vitamin C, herbs and enzymes in capsules, for collagen, bone and cartilage support)
  • HempNourish (hemp seed and superfoods combination protein powder, rich in phyto-nutrients and high in dietary fibre)
  • L-Glutamine (pure amino acid powder)
  • LIPOSOMAL vitamins D3 +K2 (high-strength vegetarian liposomal vitamin D3 and K2 (MK-7) liquid in natural red fruits and butterscotch flavour)
  • MEALtime (Chocolate Flavour) (a dairy-free, gluten-free meal shake and non-GMO soy protein isolate powder, fortified with nutrients and dietary fibre from chicory root - this delicious chocolate flavour is ideal for slimmers in the early stages, when cravings can be at their worst!)
  • MEALtime (Vanilla Flavour) (a dairy-free, gluten-free meal shake, high in protein from non-GMO soy protein isolate and fortified with vitamins, minerals and dietary fibre from chicory root)
  • NaturaC (a food form vitamin C supplement in capsules)
  • Omega 3-6-9 Oils (a balanced blend of these beneficial oils in capsules)
  • PeaNourish (concentrated pea protein powder PLUS dietary fibre, phyto-nutrients and antioxidants from superfoods and herbs (over 18g of protein per 25g serving))
  • RiceNourish (Chocolate Flavour) (a vegan protein powder blend with brown rice protein, plus green tea extract, guarana seed extract and fibre from chicory root extract)
  • Turmeric Herbal Combo (organic turmeric powder PLUS high-potency turmeric extract (with curcumin), ginger root, cayenne pepper, black pepper, zinc and vitamin B6 - combination support for bone health, energy levels, immunity, oxidative stress and more)
  • WheyNourish (Chocolate Flavour) (premium quality whey concentrate and isolate from the highest grade hormone-free milk, sourced from EU and British cows - no GMOs, artificial colours, flavours, sweeteners or added sugar (22g of protein per 30g serving))
  • WheyNourish (Vanilla Flavour) (premium quality whey concentrate and isolate from the highest grade hormone-free milk, sourced from EU and British cows - no GMOs, artificial colours, flavours, sweeteners or added sugar (over 23g of protein per 30g serving))
  • and more!

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About muscle mass, sports and fitness

Working out is not enough when it comes to maximising the results of training efforts; whether the individual is looking to increase muscle mass, tone up, increase pump, improve performance or build stamina, what they put into their body is just as important as their training programme.

Similarly, everything from digestive health and toxic load, to immunity and skeletal health can affect performance. It is therefore always advisable to look at the body as a whole, when seeking to improve sporting performance and achieve other health and fitness goals.

The key is to give the body the fuel that it needs for best results!

Why you should be re-selling our muscle and sports supplements

In recent years, fitness programmes, personal training, marathon running and gym memberships have become increasingly popular, and with them, specialist sports and fitness supplements. In fact, two of the fastest-growing categories of new supplements are classified as either sports supplements or fat burners (also see our Weight Management range). Muscle and sports supplements are therefore no longer just for bodybuilders and competitive athletes - there is a huge market out there!

At Specialist Supplements, we don't believe in low-quality "quick fix" dietary supplements. As our name suggests, our priority is to differentiate our products from the standard high-street offering by supplying high-quality, specialist supplements that support a number of health goals simultaneously, along with a variety of lifestyles (such as vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free, dairy-free, organic, diabetic and coeliac).

Rather than selling the standard single-ingredient products, like whey protein, we use specially-formulated blends of multiple superfood, superfruit and herbal ingredients, which are then fortified with essential nutrients (such as antioxidants and phyto-chemicals) for greater efficacy.

All the products in our Muscle & Sport range are designed to naturally boost the body's normal processes (including everything from blood flow and tissue recovery, to digestive health and nutrient intake), to ultimately improve physical performance and muscle repair.

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Own label muscle and sport supplements

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Dropship muscle and sport supplements

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