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We have a comprehensive range of wholesale superfood supplements, which includes antioxidants, food-based powders, alkalising formulas and food state vitamins and minerals.

Wholesale superfoods available from Specialist Supplements Ltd:

  • Acai Immuno Defence (Brazilian acai berry with a range of other beneficial ingredients, including antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and herbs, such as zinc, vitamin B6, biotin, organic Moringa oleifera, beetroot, resveratrol, pomegranate seed and grape seed extract)
  • Advanced Immunity Spectrum (high dose vitamin C (512mg) immunity formula from multiple sources, PLUS vitamins, minerals, herbals, bacteria culture and reishi mushroom)
  • Apple Cider Vinegar Complex (a herbal weight management and digestive health combination, with apple cider vinegar powder PLUS cayenne, ginger root, turmeric, green tea leaf, organic black pepper and chromium)
  • Ashwagandha Botanical Complex (adaptogenic adrenal formula with ashwagandha root extract (KSM66), as well as a synergistic combination of other roots, herbs, mushrooms and vitamins)
  • CherryBeet (a concentrated blend of beetroot and Montmorency cherry (4500mg), plus vitamin B6, turmeric (95% curcumin) and black pepper in capsules)​
  • EyeNourish Complex (eye health and normal vision formula with a special blend of bilberry, pine bark, lutein, zeaxanthin and bioflavonoids, with vitamins and minerals)
  • GreeNourish Complete (a high-fibre organic foods blend, with over 35 ingredients including green foods, vegetables, fruits, berries, herbs, mushrooms and seeds PLUS bio-active enzymes in a single powder)
  • HempNourish (hemp seed and superfoods combination protein powder, rich in phyto-nutrients and high in dietary fibre)
  • Maca Complex Plus (3000mg of maca root PLUS ginkgo biloba, Panax ginseng, ginger root, L-Arginine, damiana leaf, organic black pepper and zinc)
  • MaxNourish (a blend of 35 organic superfoods, superfruits and herbs PLUS bio-active enzymes in capsules - includes wheatgrass, pre-sprouted activated barley and barley grass)
  • Multi-Mushroom Organic Complex (multi-mushroom and herbal organic blend in capsules, with Maitake, Reishi, Shiitake, Lion's Mane, Chaga PLUS astragalus root, acerola fruit and black pepper)
  • Nattokinase Power Complex (powerful nattokinase (100mg and 2000 Fibrinolytic Units) complex, with added botanicals and nutrients)
  • NaturaC (a food form vitamin C supplement in capsules (500mg), derived from Acerola cherries, rosehips, blackcurrants, parsley leaf and elderberries)
  • PeaNourish (concentrated pea protein powder (72.2g of protein per 100g), PLUS phyto-nutrients, dietary fibre and antioxidants from superfoods and herbs)
  • PyjamaTime (combination sleep formula and night time blend, with specially selected herbal, amino acid, vitamin and mineral ingredients)
  • RiceNourish (Chocolate Flavour) (a vegan protein powder blend with brown rice protein, plus green tea extract, guarana seed extract and fibre from chicory root extract)
  • Sea & Soil (organic alkalising, nourishing, cleanse and detox formula in capsules, with Seagreens® food-approved seaweed (Ascophyllum nodosum and Fucus vesiculosus), artichoke, chlorella, green tea leaf, spirulina, ashwagandha root and cayenne)
  • Turmeric Herbal Combo (organic turmeric powder PLUS high-potency turmeric extract (with curcumin), ginger root, cayenne pepper, black pepper, zinc and vitamin B6 - combination support for oxidative stress, immunity, energy levels, bone health, cognitive function and more)
  • Turbo Brain (a natural nootropic and nutritional cognitive enhancer, which supports focus, concentration, mental performance, memory recall, energy levels, the immune system and more)
  • and more!

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About superfoods

In the journal Nature Nutrition (in the August edition of 1998) Aaron Moss stated that, "Humans have many options when it comes to fueling their bodies, but the benefits of some options are so nutritious that they might be labeled as superfoods". He was therefore one of the first recorded people to use this phrase.

Since that time, the term "superfood" has been widely adopted for marketing purposes. However, when used correctly, it describes those natural whole foods with a particularly high nutrient-to-calorie ratio, and which are therefore believed to be beneficial for health.

Such nutritious foods tend to be unusually rich in nutrients such as antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and powerful phyto-chemicals (such as bioflavonoids, carotenoids and chlorophyll), which support overall health and vitality.

A number of superfood lists have been compiled in recent years, often featuring exotic specimens from the Amazon rainforest and the like and therefore receiving much media attention. However, many superfoods comprise more common foods, whose nutritional value has been long recognised.

Examples of so-called superfoods include berries, nuts and seeds in general, dark green vegetables (such as kale, collard greens, Swiss chard, Brussels sprouts and broccoli), citrus fruits, Omega-rich fatty fish, highly-pigmented fruit and vegetables (such as beetroot and grapes), certain wild mushrooms, many legumes (peanuts, lentils, beans and raw cocoa) and whole grains.

Why you should be re-selling our wholesale superfood supplements

We have a comprehensive range of superfood supplements, which come in both capsule and powder form and support a number of health goals.

While superfood supplements are now widely available on the high-street and from a variety of online retailers, we differentiate our specialist products by creating highly concentrated formulations, and/or by creating unique blends of multiple food form ingredients (superfoods, superfruits and herbs) for maximum efficacy and broadest application.

We also have gluten-free, dairy-free, sugar-free, non-GM, vegetarian, vegan and organic options (registered with the Soil Association), which enable our trade customers to target highly profitable niche markets.

We blend the best that nature has to offer, providing retail customers with a new and innovative approach to health that couples nutrient-density with bioavailability.

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