Private label dropship supplements

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Private label supplements dropshipper UK

Private label supplements UK

Are you looking to set up your own brand of supplements?

This can be tricky, even for people well-versed in the natural health industry. You have to consider everything from product formulation, minimum manufacture runs and legal compliance, to product labelling laws, packaging options and order fulfilment.

Or, you can let us worry about all that for you...

Specialist Supplements Ltd is an established private label / white label expert, helping resellers from around the world to start their own supplement brands for a quarter of a century.

We have a quality-assured, legally compliant range of market-ready products to choose from for resale. Or, if you have a specific formula or target market in mind, we can assist you with a custom supplement formulation.

Create an account, select your products and the select your label design. It is literally as simple as that.

Within just a few days, you could be selling your own branded range of supplements (sometimes referred to as "own label products" or "private label supplements").

How does private label setup work?

Our private label setup process is super simple:

1. You create an account with us.
2. Decide which products you want to sell.
3. Buy one of our Own Label packages (a small, one-off setup fee).

As part of your private label setup, you can choose whether to use of one of our template designs or, if you have an existing brand or want a completely bespoke look for your labels, you can supply us with your own artwork at no extra charge.

Our setup time is extremely fast. Once we have received the few bits of information we need from you, we can have your personalised labels turned around and setup in just a few days.

That's it, you have your own range ready to get selling!

And you can rest assured that the products are high quality, the labels are legally compliant and the packaging is cost-effective, environmentally conscious and food-safe.

Click here to find out more about our private label service, or register for full details.

Private label dropshipping

We offer our trade customers a unique order fulfilment solution - a dropshipping (or direct dispatch) service that is provided free of charge.

Here's how it works:

1. You receive an order.
2. You pass the order details onto us (via your account).
3. We dispatch the order direct to your customer (they think it has come from you).

What do I pay?

Once your customer has paid you the retail price you set, you then pay us our competitive trade price for the product(s) ordered. So you have no financial outlay before making your own sales!

At checkout on our trade site, you then pay the cost of the postage (as if you were posting the order out yourself).

We DO NOT charge for our dropship service - no admin fees, no labelling fees, no cost per item ordered. We do not even charge extra for private label dropshipping. In other words, we will apply your labels to our products and send them out for you for free.


Our private label dropshipping business model is extremely popular with resellers of all sizes and from a wide variety of backgrounds and locations around the world. It carries virtually no risk, is extremely flexible and highly lucrative.

Click here to find out more about our private label dropshipping service, or register for full details.