Vitamin dropshippers

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Looking for fast, efficient and reliable vitamin dropshippers? Look no further!

Why you should choose Specialist Supplements as your vitamin dropshippers

Specialist Supplements Ltd is a one-stop-shop for health practitioners and trade customers, including everyone from colonic hydrotherapists, nutritionists, naturopaths, herbalists, fitness trainers, online retailers, home businesses, small businesses and other re-sellers. 


  • supply high quality, specialist health supplements, organic foods, herbal products, vitamins and minerals that you won't find on the high-street
  • offer our trade customers the choice of re-selling our health products, vitamins, supplements and foods under our own brand names or, alternatively, under their own brand / own label
  • offer a convenient dropshipping service, which means that we can dispatch our products (with your own label or ours) to your customers!

More about our vitamin dropshipper service

If you've done a bit of searching for vitamin dropshippers, you will already know that few (if any) offer the all-round service that we do, coupled with the quality of products, efficiency and reliability. What's more, we offer incredible value for money.

Our product prices are highly competitive - available to registered trade customers only - and unbeatable on similar comprehensive formulations. Plus, there are NO hidden costs for using our vitamin and supplement dropshipping service. 

With us, there is NO set-up fee or monthly admin fee; NO minimum order; NO storage fee; and NO fee per item sold!

Why you should use our vitamin dropshipping service

If you're not yet convinced by what you have read above, using our convenient dropshipping service will mean that:

  • you don't have to worry about purchasing and holding stock in advance of sales
  • you don't have to invest time, effort, resources and expense in labelling, packaging and posting your orders
  • you will have more time to spend on other (core) areas of your business, helping you to make more money 
  • you can still build your brand, by using our 'own label' option as well as our dropship service.

And for those trade customers who are serious about saving time, money and resources, we have an automated dropshipping system - click here to find out more!

So, let us help you to create your own range and make money with minimal effort! Get in touch today...

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Last update: November 22, 2013