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What does “dropship” mean?

Dropshipping is another word for direct dispatch of goods (such as supplements) by one party on behalf of another. In other words, the retailer does not keep goods in stock or post these out; instead they transfer their customer orders and shipment details to a third party (in this case us), who then ships the goods directly to the retailer's customers. 

Dropship UK simply means a dropshipper who is based in the UK and provides a dropship service to customers and posts out to end-users (whether in the UK or abroad). We dropship worldwide.

Who would use a dropshipper?

Dropship services are popular with a wide range of supplement re-sellers, including the following:

  • home business owners, with limited space for stock storage
  • small business owners, with limited time and resources
  • part-time workers, who may not have the time to label, pack and post
  • large online retailers, who resell the products of a number of brands
  • Amazon sellers who don't wish to use Amazon FBA
  • anyone else who is busy and who would rather focus on core business activities (like marketing and selling), than admin like inventory, packing and posting. 

If done by a fast, efficient and reliable dropshipper (like Specialist Supplements), dropshipping can be convenient, time-saving and money-saving. 

What are the risks of dropshipping?

There are a number of dropshippers out there, but as with many service suppliers they do not all offer value for money. There are often hidden charges and/or administration fees, which make it unaffordable in the long-run. What's more, there is a risk that the dropshipper does not have adequate quality control, leading to mistakes which can cost you money and damage your reputation.

In particular:

  • Most dropshippers will want money upfront. WE DON'T!
    This can be a huge obstacle for small businesses and start-ups, who may have limited cash flow. You don't have to pay us a penny until you have been paid for the order by your own customer. At that point, you place the corresponding order with us.
  • Most dropshippers require a joining fee. WE DON'T!
    There are many scam dropshippers out there. Some require a joining fee, others charge per order and/or per product posted. We provide a dropship service to our customers free of charge. All you pay is the cost of postage, as if you were posting the order out yourself.
  • Most dropshippers charge monthly subscription fees / admin fees. WE DON'T!
    Again, this can quickly eat into the cash flow (not to mention profits) of any business. 
  • “Middlemen” dropshippers often charge excessive prices. WE DON'T!
    Dropshipping has featured quite prominently in internet-based home business scams. Marketed as a lucrative "home business opportunity", the dropshipper acts as a middleman with no product of their own to sell. They often therefore charge prices that leave little profit margin for the re-seller and require a regular fee for the use of their services.

Why we are your best dropshipping option

We have been trading in the natural health and supplements industry since 1995 and have a well-established reputation as a premium supplier of health products and UK dropshipper. We are a company you can trust and know the industry well.

We charge:

NO dropship set-up fee
NO monthly administration or dropshipper membership fee 
NO fee per item sold
NO storage fees.

What's more, there are NO minimum orders or financial outlay required in advance of orders, PLUS our service is fast, efficient, reliable and of a high quality.

As our name suggests, our products are specialist and can't readily be matched on the high street. By using us as your UK dropshipper, you can be sure that there won't be thousands of re-sellers selling exactly the same products as you – particularly if you opt to re-sell under your own label / own brand. 

If you opt for us, you are automatically increasing your chances of success because we sell unique health supplements, organic foods and herbal products that no other dropshipper can offer, giving you a much better chance of making money and building a sustainable business – what it's all about!

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