Highest quality wholesale food supplements

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Why quality of food supplements is so important

Aside from the fact that you are paying good money for wholesale food supplements, you will no doubt also want to ensure that you are offering your own customers high quality health products that represent great value for money, so that they come back to you for more.

Many people across the world are now turning to natural health remedies and supplements, as they become more and more health conscious and aware of the link between health and optimal nutrition. The trouble is, there is so much choice out there and quality is varying to say the least.

Nutrients in food

The starting point for many of your customers will be their level of nutrition - in other words, their nutrient intake (or lack thereof). Unfortunately, nowadays it can be challenge even for the most health-conscious among us to source all the vitamins, minerals, oils and other essential nutrients we need from food alone. This is because, for example, food in this day and age can be heavily processed, transported over long distances and stored for long periods. The fact is, that refined foods tend to be depleted of beneficial nutrients, which are often replaced by synthetic chemicals and 'empty' calories.

Arguably, and in our opinion, organic food is far healthier. Not only is it free of harmful substances, but it tends to contain a higher level of nutrients because of the way in which it is farmed, together with the fact that processing is kept to a minimum. However, not everyone can afford to buy organic foods in the quantities required on a daily basis to properly fuel the body. Similarly, time constraints can also play a part in families failing to eat freshly prepared meals on a regular basis.

Wholesale organic food supplements - tablets versus capsules

In light of these modern-day challenges, many people choose to supplement their diets to ensure that they get all of the vitamins, minerals and other nutrients that they need and in the required amounts. It is quick, easy and (if the food supplements are high quality) effective. This is where you - and we - come in!

What you need to get across to your customers is that there is no point in taking supplements to support optimal nutrition, health and vitality, if they are crammed full of synthetic chemicals. You might be surprised to hear that many high-street supplements (particularly in tablet form), often contain these harmful ingredients. In fact, in many cases, the actual vitamins and minerals make up as little as 15% of the entire tablet.

If you are wondering what makes up the other 85%, it is artificial additives, preservatives, fillers, binders, sugar, colourings, flavourings, excipients, modified starches and other 'nasties'. The cheaper the tablet, the more of these harmful ingredients tend to be contained in them. Ultimately, you get what you pay for, which is why capsules tend to be a little more expensive.

These unpleasant and undesirable tablets also have a tendency to either pass through the digestive system unused (with little or no benefit to the user, because the body has been unable to recognise the nutrients), or more worryingly, get stuck in the digestive tract - neither disintegrating or passing through.

All of our wholesale food supplements come in either capsule or powder form. Not only does this make them easier to swallow, but their ingredients are in natural food form / food state wherever reasonably possible, to promote maximum absorption and utilisation by the body.