What are own label products?

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Own label products

Own label products, vitamins or supplements are basically those products manufactured or provided by one supplier for resale by another company or trader, under their own branding and personalised labels. In other words, their "own label" is applied to the products (rather than that of the supplier), and they resell the products as their own.

How is white label / private label different to own label?

There are a number of umbrella terms used to describe own label products, but they are generally variations on the same theme. The phrase "white label" is simply a reference to the fact that the product comes unlabelled (usually in a white tub, in the case of wholesale vitamins and supplements). The phrase "private label" is a reference to the fact that the products' branding is personalised to the reseller, i.e. their private labels.

What is the point of own label products?

The use of own label products by resellers of wholesale supplements has grown for a number of reasons.

For one thing, small companies and business start-ups often lack the resources required to formulate, manufacture or package the products they want to sell. Such costs can be prohibitive, and yet they want to enter the market as a unique business and retain any custom they manage to attract.

This is where own label products come in - rather than reselling under someone else's branding (and therefore potentially losing repeat business and diluting their own brand), they buy trade price products that have already been formulated, manufactured and packaged by their supplier, but which carry their own customised branding, i.e. their product names, their logo and their business name.

Each time a customer purchases the reseller's products, they are reminded of their brand. What's more, they know that to buy more of that particular product, they will have to return to the reseller. For this reason, own label products often form a central part of small companies' marketing plans and sales strategies, to help increase sales and boost profits.

Some key advantages of own label products

As well as the benefits described above, there are various other advantages for supplement resellers in opting for own label products. For example:

  • Control over pricing: By carrying unique product labels, the reseller does not have to worry about same-brand price comparisons and can set their own retail price. This freedom often equals higher profit margins.
  • Targetted marketing: Having control over product names and the general look of the labels means the reseller can target specific markets and align the branding to their existing customer base and business.
  • Customer loyalty:  Personalised labels, with the reseller's own contact details (including web address etc) leads to a higher level of customer loyalty and repeat business.
  • Brand strength and visibility: Being able to present customers with their own range of products inspires confidence in the reseller's business, products and services. It also helps to build their brand and make their company more visible.
  • Boost sales: Linked to the points above, having a unique brand enables retailers to create better sales opportunities for themselves. They can build brand recognition from the customers and more easily differentiate their products from those of their competitors.

How to set up your own range of own label products

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