Private label vitamins

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Private label vitamins

What we do

Wholesale supplements supply and add-on services...

Specialist Supplements Ltd is a full service wholesale supplements supplier, including the provision of product packaging (letterbox-friendly flat pots and round pots) and the design and print of branded private labels.

In other words, in addition to our core wholesale supplements supply business, offering unique, high-quality UK-made vitamins, minerals, health foods, food supplements and herbal formulas, we also offer a variety of add-on trade services for those individuals or companies wishing to start or expand their supplements range.

Here is a summary of how our Trade Division, trading for over 20 years, could help you to make a success of your own vitamin supplements venture:

  • Ready-formulated wholesale vitamins and supplements - ready to get selling immediately
  • Specialist and unique product blends
  • Cutting-edge and industry-leading products
  • Custom formulations (if required)
  • Quality assurance (GMP and ISO 9001)
  • Competitive wholesale prices
  • Good profit margins on resale
  • Generous discount structures
  • NO minimum orders
  • Private label (including label design and print) - start your own branded range
  • White label units
  • No-fee dropshipping service
  • Tailored marketing and web build services
  • Fast turnaround
  • NO contracts or commitments - just complete flexibility!

Private label

Our in-house Own Label service will help you to get your own range up and running...

If you are new to the concept of private label vitamins, health foods and supplements, it simply means that you purchase ready-made products and then sell them on under your own branding, i.e. with your company name and logo, your label design, your contact details etc. This essentially gives you your own unique product range, as no one else will know that you have not manufactured the products yourself.

This is a very popular option with our resellers, because private labels help you to stand out from your competitors, add prestige to your company and build your own professional brand. What's more, it prevents customers from making direct price comparisons with other products, giving you the flexibility to charge a higher retail price in many cases - higher profit margins for you!

However, most wholesale supplement suppliers who offer private label only do so if you purchase specified minimum product orders from them - NOT US! Even if you have your own private labels set up with us, there are still no minimum order quantities. We will even dropship Own Label orders at no extra cost. All you pay is a small one-off fee and we then design and print all of your personalised labels for all future placed orders. You also have the option of supplying us with your own design artwork.

It's such a quick and easy process and we will guide you through it every step of the way. Simply purchase one of our Own Label services once you have registed with us (see below).

Getting started

Simply register and go!

All you need to do to become a reseller of any or all of our vitamins, minerals, health foods and supplements is create a trade account. This simply involves completing a brief online form with your details; approval then normally takes around 24 hours.

Once your trade account has been activated, you can start selling our products immediately if you choose to sell under our Specialist Supplements Ltd branding. Alternatively, you can opt to set up your own private labels (a quick and easy process, often just a matter of days subject to your input) and use as many or as few of our other services as you wish. For instance, all registered customers automatically have access to our free dropshipping service - all you pay is the postage, as if you were sending the items out yourself.

We look forward to working with you and helping you to set up your own range of private label vitamins and supplements.

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