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Bodybuilding supplements trade supplier UK

Wholesale bodybuilding supplements

If you are a gym owner, personal trainer, coach or retailer looking for wholesale bodybuilding supplements for resale, look no further.

We can offer you a comprehensive range of high-quality, specialist products to complement your services and/or existing range. 

We have been supplying health and fitness professionals, as well as a wide range of natural health practitioners and other trade customers, with wholesale supplements since 1995. We are a name you can trust and have established ourselves as one of the premier supplements and health food suppliers in the United Kingdom.

With a professional history in the bodybuilding and nutritionist industry, our bodybuilding supplements and the various other products in our ranges are quality-assured, manufactured in the UK under GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) and ISO standards.

As our name suggests, we offer specialist supplements that customers won’t easily find elsewhere, keeping them coming back to you for more.

Our in-house formulations tend to include multiple-ingredient blends for an enhanced beneficial effect and better value for money. You’ll soon earn a reputation for helping clients to achieve fast results for multiple health goals, when combined with your services and expertise!

Check out our protein powders (whey, rice, pea, hemp, non-GM soya, wheatgrass and more), nutrients-fortified meal shakes, fat burners, energy boosters, stamina enhancers and other natural muscle mass and bodybuilding supplements - particularly popular with resellers in the muscle, sports and fitness industry.

And don't miss the opportunity to cross-sell other ranges that impact on bodybuilding success too, to help boost your income even further. For example, digestive health supplements, immune system boosters, antioxidants, weight loss supplements, cleanse and detox supplements and more.

Of course, all of our products (including our food supplements, health foods and herbal formulations) are designed to support a healthy lifestyle - so you can re-sell our entire range with confidence.

If you have (or wish to target) vegetarians or vegans, or have customers with food allergies or digestive complaints, we have a comprehensive "free from" range of products that are gluten-free, dairy-free, yeast free, sugar-free, hypo-allergenic, vegetarian, vegan, organic, kosher, free from artificial additives, preservatives, sweeteners etc.

Your own branded range of bodybuilding supplements

Why sell a third party brand and promote another company, losing potential business and re-orders?

Imagine how great it would be to be able to present products to your customers that feature your own business' logo and branding.

Match your labels to your website, frontage and other existing marketing materials to add prestige to your business and build your brand. Your clients will be so impressed when they see you have your very own unique range of supplements and this will also inspire confidence in the products - as they know and trust you!

For a very reasonable one-off fee, we can help you create your very own range of branded supplements. Our Own Label team can design personalised product labels for you that feature your company name, logo, colours, contact details and unique product names, that are applied to our market-ready range of products. Alternatively, you can supply us with your own completely bespoke label artwork.

And if you have a specific product in mind that is not currently included in our range, we can even work with you to produce a custom formulation.

Click here to find out more about our Own Label service.

Buying from us

Our wholesale bodybuilding supplements and other products can be bought in bulk (with scaled discounts) or on an as needed basis. We have no minimum orders.

We can also ship direct (dropship) to your clients, including under your own label.

To get started, complete our registration form here.