Wholesale supplements for gyms

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Wholesale supplements for gyms

An extra income stream for your gym - supplements resale

Whether you are an independent gym owner or managing a branch of a gym chain, you are missing a trick if you haven't yet thought about selling your own branded range of supplements.

Think about it - you have an existing customer base, already looking to you for guidance and support on how to gain muscle, add bulk, lose weight, tone up, gain strength, improve immunity and flexibility etc. It is the easiest and most natural thing in the world to recommend supplements to them that can help them achieve their goals with better results and in the fastest time.

As well as goal-oriented supplement programmes, you could offer your clients pre-workout shots, post-workout smoothies, supplement samples and much much more. The possibilities are endless.

Why choose us as your supplier?

A quality range of specialist products...

By choosing to re-sell health foods and supplements from Specialist Supplements Ltd, you will have peace of mind that the products you are recommending to your clients:

  • are UK-made
  • are quality assured
  • contain the highest quality ingredients
  • do not include added "nasties"
  • cannot easily be matched on the high-street
  • contain specialist ingredient blends that offer excellent value for money
  • support a number of lifestyles, such as vegan, vegetarian, organic, kosher and 'free from'.

We offer a comprehensive range of premium supplements, health foods and herbal formulas to trade customers in the UK and across the world, including a number of gyms. Particularly popular with gyms and personal trainers for resale are: protein shakes, fat burners, energy boosters and products from our Meal Shakes, Diet Foods, Muscle Mass & Sport and Weight Management ranges.

Private label option - your own branded range...

Most gyms resell a small range of third party supplement brands. Why not create your very own range of supplements, with your gym's branding, that your customers can buy only from you? Promote reorders by preventing your clients seeking out cheaper suppliers on Amazon or on the high-street and avoid direct price comparisons.

You could sell other branded supplements, but why not capitalise on the confidence that customers already have in your brand by creating and selling your own range. Enhance your profile and inspire confidence in your services.

We offer an in-house Own Label service, whereby we can rebrand all of our market-ready products with your gym's branding - your logo, your colour scheme, your unique product names and your contact details.

For a small initial outlay, we will design your labels for you or you can supply us with your own artwork. And that's it, you could have your own unique range of health supplements within a matter of days.

And you don't even have to purchase and hold stock if you don't want to! Display dummy pots on your shelves and take orders from your clients. We can then ship the items to them directly and all you pay is the postage! Click here to find out more about our no-fee dropshipping service (direct dispatch).

Our products are available for re-sale under your own label (or our label) and can be purchased in bulk (for scaled discounts) or dropshipped by us direct to your customers - we have no minimum orders.

Boost your monthly income

Why not start a sales network? Don't limit yourself to sales from your in-gym bar area. Make use of your personal trainers, yoga instructors and any other fitness professionals in your employ to push your supplements as part of programmes or services they are already providing.

And don't miss the opportunity to cross-sell products. Many people's health goals are affected by multiple issues, factors or problems with their health and body. For example, weight loss can often be hindered by poor digestion.

For a full guide on how to effectively cross-sell in this way, create an account with us and download the Shape-Up plan.

Get started

If you are interested in reselling our Specialist Supplements branded health supplements or wish to create your very own branded range, and are looking to increase your gym's monthly income with a lucrative new revenue stream, create an account with us today. There needn't be much, if any, initial financial outlay and we have a no minimum orders policy.