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Wholesale supplements

Specialist Supplements Ltd is a British company, that has been supplying both retail and trade customers with high quality vitamins, minerals, food supplements and health foods since 1995.

We therefore have a wealth of experience in the formulation and manufacture of a wide variety of products for the health food and natural health industry, with our focus firmly resting on quality, natural ingredients and specialist blends.

As a supplier of wholesale supplements and health products to registered trade customers, we regularly supply to a wide range of business types both in the UK and across the world. Our trade customers include: colonic hydrotherapists, naturopaths, homeopaths, herbalists, personal trainers, nutritionists, private doctors, health spas, detox clinics, independent health stores, weight loss centres, home businesses and online retailers.

Our product range includes everything from antioxidants and superfoods, organic products, digestion, cleanse and detox supplements, to practitioner supplies (such as tinctures and liquid extracts), protein powders, meal replacements, weight management products and more!

Buy in bulk to save!

We always aim to provide our trade customers with great value for money. This means supplying them with health products of the highest quality, at competitive trade prices.

Our years' of industry experience mean that we have long-established relationships with manufacturers and ingredient suppliers and we pass on any savings we make as a result, so that our trade customers can benefit from high profit margins. In fact, our prices are unbeatable on comprehensive herbal formulations.

We also have a scaled discount system for bulk buys, so that the more you spend the more you save! We believe that customer loyalty deserves rewards.

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No minimum orders

If you are a business start-up concerned about cash flow, or simply would rather not buy in bulk for whatever reason, you don't have to! We are one of the few suppliers of trade health products, vitamins and supplements that does not specify minimum order quantities.

We have no minimum orders, so you can choose to buy 1 product at a time, or 1000! This 'no minimum order policy' even applies to own label products and dropshipped orders - see below.

Supplements dropshipping

No time, inclination or resources to purchase stock in advance, take inventory, label products, pack and post orders? Then our fast, efficient and reliable dropship service is for you!

In summary, you purchase our health products at trade price and we then do all the hard work for you. For no extra charge (except a small charge for postage), we label the products, pack and post them out directly to your customers (usually in 1-2 business days).

Discreet unbranded packaging is used and no Specialist Supplements literature is included, so your customers will think that their order has been dispatched by you. Click here to find out more about our convenient dropship service.

No monthly, admin or other hidden fees; no minimum orders.

Private label supplements

If you are thinking of re-selling our trade price health products, why not do so under your own labels and branding?!

While you of course have the option to use our labels, our private label option is a great way to add prestige your business, stand out from the crowd, build customer loyalty and secure repeat business - not to mention set your own resale price without fears over same brand price comparisons!

For a small, one-off fee our in-house design team can produce personalised labels for your range, which carry your business colours, logo, company name and unique product names.

Once set up, we then print labels free of charge for all future purchases! Our private label service does not specify any minimum orders.

Click here to find out more about setting up your own labels.

Get started...

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