Wholesale supplement dropshippers

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Wholesale dropship supplements

What we do

We are wholesale suppliers and dropshippers of high quality health foods, food supplements and herbal formulas to trade customers in the UK, Europe and elsewhere across the globe.

We distinguish ourselves from other wholesale supplement suppliers by:

  • having an established presence in the natural health market for over 20 years
  • formulating our specialist products in-house
  • manufacturing our products in the UK
  • sourcing the highest quality ingredients, from trusted suppliers
  • offering excellent value for money to our trade customers - competitive trade prices, with good profit margins (register for details)
  • being a full-service firm, which offers everything you need as a supplements retailer under one roof (including products, labels, fulfillment, marketing, websites and more)
  • not charging any fees for use of our dropship service (see more below)
  • having a "no minimum orders" policy - you can buy as few as 1 product from us at a time and still benefit from our competitive wholesale prices!

Wholesale supplements supplier and dropshipper

Our supplements dropship service

Whether you are an established supplements retailer or are just starting up a supplements resale business, you may not have the time, resources or inclination to handle the hassles of your own order fulfillment.

A time-consuming and costly process, many entrepreneurs are deterred from selling supplements because of the logistics involved with fulfillment, including keeping stock inventory, labelling their products, packing and posting.

Aside from the costs associated with fulfillment, resale usually involved purchasing in advance of making sales - a risk, particularly if you are not familiar with the industry or your new target market.

If these have been your concerns, our supplements dropshipping service is the perfect solution for you.

We hold the stock for you - you only need to make product purchases as and when you make your own sales. This removes the element of risk associated with advance financial outlay.

Once you have made your sales, you simply pass your customers' order and address details onto us (via your secure account with us online) and we dispatch the items directly to them. It's that easy. Plus, we dropship worldwide.

There are no dropship charges. All you pay is the postage, as if you were posting the items out yourself.

The items are dispatched in unbranded packaging, to protect your customer loyalty. No Specialist Supplements Ltd literature is ever included.

Quick, efficient and reliable - let us handle your supplements order fulfillment for you. Our dropship service is automatically available to all of our trade customers following registration. When you make your sales, simply buy the required products from us through your online account and select the dropshipping option during the checkout process.

Wholesale supplements dropshipper

Private label dropshipping

If you would like to use our dropship service, but want to have your own personalised labels on the products that we dispatch for you, we can do that too!

We have an in-house own label service. Once you have created a trade account with us, simply log in and purchase Own Label setup. For a small, one-off fee, we will set up your private labels for you. You have the option to supply us with your own artwork (in our required dimensions), or you can select one of our ready-made design templates. This will then be personalised with your colour scheme, product names, company logo and contact details.

Once your labels have been set up, we will dropship your own label products for you at no extra charge! We will also print all of your labels for free, for all future orders with us.

Private label supplements dropshipper

Let's get started!

We look forward to becoming your wholesale supplements supplier, and hope that you make use of the various other in-house add-on services that we offer to make your life easier and your business the biggest success it can be.

To get started, create an account with us. It involves filling out a brief online form and is completely free and without obligation. Once your account has been activated (normally within 24 hours), you will have full access to the private trade areas of this website (including full product details and specifications, trade prices, discount structure details, trade resources and more). You can start buying, selling and dropshipping immediately.

Don't forget to connect to us on LinkedIn and for regular trade updates.

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